Tekla's Kitchenware Collection Shows You How to Dress the Dinner Table

Tekla's Kitchenware Collection Shows You How to Dress the Dinner Table

Copenhagen-based label Tekla is more than a textile and interior goods brand. While it may have started off with elevating the humble bed sheet and towels, it has since expanded into sleepwear — some of which could pass for an all-day outfit — and it’s even branched into the collaborative world with its Stüssy capsule. Now, it looks to bring its Danish sensibilities into the kitchen with its new range of kitchenware essentials.

Comprising a linen tablecloth, napkins, glass towels, kitchen towels, and an apron, the collection comes in colors such as “Stain,” “Apple Core,” “Claret,” “Ducks Eggs,” “Porcelaine,” and “Black.” As per the Tekla ethos, no detail has been spared, meaning pieces such as the table cloth are made from heavyweight linen to give the dining table a luxurious atmosphere perfect for layering plates and other Tekla kitchenware pieces on top of it. 

Explaining the inspiration behind this expansion, Tekla notes: “A newly set table is a canvas for what’s to come. Dinner with friends that you’ve been missing. Where the table in front of you fills you with excitement. Or the mixed feelings of fear and expectations when chance throws you together with people you have never met before. Evenings that start as conversations with strangers and end with new friends. In either case, you leave a table that tells the story of what has just been. Unfinished plates,  overturned glasses, breadcrumbs and crumpled napkins. A document of the evening. A finished canvas, if you will.”

Tekla’s kitchenware collection is due to launch on its website today. For now, check out the lookbook above.

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