ST Podcast: Is TV becoming more upmarket?

ST Podcast: Is TV becoming more upmarket?

#PopVultures Ep 13: Is TV becoming more “atas” or upmarket? Television, movies and the entertainment hierarchy

23:10 mins

Synopsis: A podcast by The Straits Times that examines all the ins and outs of pop culture, be it Asian entertainment or Hollywood.

Today, the #PopVultures ask the question: Is television getting more atas or upmarket?

The Primetime Emmy Awards, set to happen on Monday (Sept 23, Singapore time), has several Oscar-nominated, bona fide movie stars in its nominee list. Historically, television has always been regarded as the “ugly sister” compared to film – with jokes cracked at its expense at the Golden Globes and television stars lower on the Hollywood hierarchy. 

But this is slowly changing – more and more movie stars (think Amy Adams, Michael Douglas, Nicole Kidman) are moving into the realm of television in the age of streaming.

#PopVultures boil it down to three reasons: The increasing quality and big budgets of television; more progressive, original and unique content in television; and of course, fat pay cheques!   

They also touch on how this trend is not taking off as much in Asia, and run down some names that they hope can pick up awards at this year’s Emmys.

Tune in to find out what they think.

Produced by: Jan Lee and Yeo Sam Jo

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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