Rider and Pedro Andrade Collaborate on the FrogR, a Sustainable Amazon-Inspired Footwear

Rider and Pedro Andrade Collaborate on the FrogR, a Sustainable Amazon-Inspired Footwear

In a reinvigorating partnership, Rider and Pedro Andrade join forces — once again — to unveil the latest addition to their creative portfolio, the FrogR silhouette. Designed by the brand’s Creative Director, this unique shoe arrives following extensive exploration into the Amazonian fauna.

The FrogR draws inspiration from a specific species of frog, an influence masterfully reflected in the shoe’s colors, textures, and intricate details. Its commitment to sustainability and aesthetic appeal set this project apart, in addition to two stunning color options: off-white and green.

Crafted using cutting-edge techniques in material recycling and sustainable, plant-based materials, the FrogR is making a bold statement in eco-friendly fashion. The silhouette marks the second installment of a project first debuted in February, embodying the creative vision and purposeful collaboration between Pedro Andrade and his long-time partner, Rider, a renowned Brazilian footwear giant.

In the interview below, Hypebeast sits down with Pedro Andrade to discuss P_A and this remarkable project.1 of 2

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Hypebeast: How did the idea for this project come about?

Pedro Andrade: P_A was born from my goal of creating proposals and products that would generate desire in consumers while also serving as a research laboratory for the development of new technologies for a more sustainable production chain. Based on these values, and as someone who has always been passionate about footwear, I began a research process to make this desire a reality – and this is where Rider, my longtime and primary partner, comes in. Rider embraced the challenge of combining design, research, technology, and sustainability.

And how was the process from the idea to the execution?

Everything P_A undertakes aims to reveal a hidden Brazil. We work with references often unknown to the rest of the world, and with the FrogR, it couldn’t have been any different. Initially, we came across these small yet incredibly special frogs that captured our attention—the Poison Arrow Frogs, known for their vibrant colors and unique textures. Following this, I collaborated with Rider’s team to explore the feasibility of machinery and plant-based raw materials. Eventually, we partnered with another crucial ally, the DoTS Project, a local institution dedicated to the cataloging and preservation of this species. The synergy of these efforts gave shape to the project.

Can we say that sustainability was the motivation behind this creation?

Yes, sustainability motivated us to take on this challenge. The market is accustomed to product launches presented with a compelling storytelling element, and we followed this approach for a long time. However, with P_A, we aim to go beyond storytelling, ensuring that our delivery is rooted in extensive research. A portion of the profits from the FrogR will be directed towards the DoTS Project, which means that everyone who purchases these shoes and is captivated by the story will be directly contributing to the research and preservation of Amazonian fauna.

Can you tell us more details about the FrogR?

For sure, the product is made from bio-based materials – non-petroleum-derived products, such as plants, agricultural materials, marine, and sustainable forests -, and it includes both EVA and PVC in its composition.

The EVA components contain at least 25% sourced from sugarcane (a renewable source due to its plant origin). To certify this, the product has bio-based content certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).
On the other hand, the PVC components consist of an average of 30% pre-consumer recycled material—meaning it incorporates reused materials that would otherwise be discarded in a typical production process.

The raised patterns feature translucent sections that mimic the texture of frog skin. The rear portion of the shoe is designed to resemble the folded leg of an amphibian, complete with an anti-slip texture. The sole is crafted with shapes reminiscent of the animal’s pawprints.

How was the campaign production process?

We took the opportunity to conduct the photoshoot in the Amazon and assembled a multidisciplinary team to document the research and promote science. For 7 days, Rider, myself, photographers, videomakers, biologists, and locals worked together in this highly enriching immersive process. We gained a deep understanding of the region’s challenges down to the smallest details, and we also had the chance to draw inspiration by getting up close to our subject of study.

What can we expect from this project in the future?

In addition to these new FrogR colorways, we are launching a clothing collection that shares the same core principles and complements the Amazonian fauna universe. Over the coming months, we will continue to work with references from a hidden Brazil, endeavoring to disrupt the luxury sphere with stories and products that place value on research, technology, and sustainability—not just luxury from the perspective of trend consumption.

The FrogR will be available at leading RIDER retailers worldwide, as well as on the brand’s website. rider.com.br and p-andrade.com/, in two different color versions: off-white and green, with prices starting at 120 USD.
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