Rich I Debuts for SS21 With Understated, High-End Design

Rich I Debuts for SS21 With Understated, High-End Design

Imagined by a member of the no. design collective, Japanese label Rich I is getting its start with Pre Collection 00, “NUDE,” launching in time for the conventional Spring/Summer 2021 season. Comprising a concise selection of cozy essentials, the collection is marked by a strong focus on high-end craft and relaxed silhouettes.

Delineated by extreme attention to detail — so extreme, in fact, that only a few items could be produced — Rich I’s debut lineup is a brief selection of goods ideal for enjoying the good life, or at least pretending to. A ribbed tanktop, translucent pullover T-shirt, “reversible” high-waisted trousers and a luscious low-gauge cardigan are all on hand, offering a complete minimalist capsule for summer.

Accompanying these wearables is thoughtfully-crafted veiny leather bag accented by suede straps and an untanned body, an organic counterpart to the seemingly-slick menswear. Subtle details come into play when examining the goods, like the tanktop’s raw, scalloped hem, trouser’s exposed lining and occasional fraying that plays atop the knit sweater, revealing the quiet imperfections of handmade apparel.

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