Pace Gallery Brought a Star-Studded Lineup to Art Basel 2021

Pace Gallery Brought a Star-Studded Lineup to Art Basel 2021

Visitors can finally experience the world’s leading art fair as the 2021 edition of Art Basel is well underway. Amongst the heavy hitters, Pace Gallery brought a star-studded lineup of work from both contemporary artists and legends from the 20th Century — from Pablo Picasso and Ellsworth Kelly, to Alexander Calder and Latifa Echakhch.

One of the highlights on display is Jeff Koons‘ Gazing Ball (Veronese The Wedding at Cana), 2015–2021, a painting that continues on the artist’s “Gazing Ball” series, which pays respects to the legends of art history. In this painting, Koons has referenced Paolo Veronese‘s 16th Century masterpiece, The Wedding at Cana (1562–1563). The original is housed in Paris’ Louvre museum and recounts the biblical tale of how Christ miraculously turned water into wine. As the central figure in the painting, Christ looks directly at the viewer — unphased by the opulence and bustle that surrounds him.

Koons adds a distinct point of emphasis to Christ’s already central position, by adding an electric blue orb that reflects both the colors of the painting, along with that of the viewer themselves — leading to a dynamic interplay that allows one to participate within the dialogue of past and present.

Pace’s curation is nothing short of captivating and features many working artists, such as Robert Longo, Loie Hollowell and Yoshitomo Nara. For a full list of Pace’ artists, check out the link here. Art Basel 2021 is now on view online and in-person.

In other news, a $40m USD Jean-Michel Basquiat painting is hitting the market for the very first time.

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