NIGO Taps JINS for New Eyewear Line JINS & SUN

NIGO Taps JINS for New Eyewear Line JINS & SUN

NIGO has teamed up with JINS to introduce a new eyewear line called JINS & SUN.

Under NIGO’s direction, the new eyewear line has been produced by manufacturer JINS. NIGO’s concept of the line was summed in two words: “EVERYDAY EYEWEAR.” There aren’t many details yet on exactly how the sunglasses will look, but a teaser for the upcoming release shows two pairs of glasses with minimal designs — one with thick blue frames and another with sleek, clear frames. The sunglasses will be displayed at a pop-up being billed as “APT.JINS & SUN,” where admission will be limited to 35 groups per day.

NIGO’s upcoming eyewear line JINS & SUN will be available at the “APT.JINS & SUN” pop-up in Tokyo from March 24 – 30, followed by a wider release on April 1 on JINS’ website — prices have yet to be confirmed.

OPRCT, 1-29-10 Uehara
Shibuya, Tokyo

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