MSCHF Presents "Lethal Dose" at Frieze Art Fair NYC

MSCHF Presents "Lethal Dose" at Frieze Art Fair NYC

With its ATM Leaderboard at Art Basel Miami still fresh in our memory, MSCHF now unveils a new “Lethal Dose” series at the Frieze New York 2023 art fair.  Each piece from the series compiles the exact amount of various everyday products that would kill a 200lb person via acute toxicity.

Showcasing at the Perrotin gallery are the lethal dosages of caffeine and Ibuprofen. The amounts are visualized via a pyramid of 91 bottles of 5-hour Energy and a transparent arch housing 288 pills of Advil Dual Action.

“P.S. It’s worth noting that the contents of the average American pantry or bathroom vanity will put down a family of four,” MSCHF tells us.

Learn more about Frieze New York 2023, which brings together world-leading galleries from 27 countries at The Shed, here.

The Shed
545 W 30th St, New York,
NY 10001, United States

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