Miley Cyrus's Nostalgic Note to Hannah Montana Feels Like Reading a Journal Entry

Miley Cyrus's Nostalgic Note to Hannah Montana Feels Like Reading a Journal Entry

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Miley Cyrus remembers living the “best of both worlds” fondly. The Plastic Hearts singer recently reflected on her iconic character, Hannah Montana, for the Disney Channel show’s 15th anniversary through a heartwarming note on Instagram on Wednesday. Her nostalgic memories take us back to 2006 with details and memories personal enough for a journal entry.

Cyrus starts off with a simple, “Hi Hannah, it’s been a while,” remembering the first time she slipped into the costume (and character) that would define her career for almost a decade. “Although you are considered to be an ‘alter ego’ in reality there was a time in my life when you held more of my identity in your glovette than I did in my bare hands,” she wrote.

“We’ve shared many firsts. A lot of lasts. Ups. Downs. Tears + laughs,” she continued. Cyrus’s family and friends played a huge role in her journey through it all. She detailed how she sadly lost her grandfather while filming season one, but felt proud to “carry his name” beside her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus’s, in every credit. Cyrus also used the note to express gratitude for her mom, who drove her to auditions, for her siblings, who moved across the country for her acting debut, and for her costars, “Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso + Jason Earles” who became family over the show’s six years.

“[Hannah,] you have all my love + upmost gratitude. Breathing life into you for those 6 years was an honor. I am indebted, not only to you Hannah, but to any + everyone who believed in me from the beginning. You all have my loyalty + deepest appreciation until the end. With all sincerity I say, thank you!” she wrote. “Not a day goes by I forget where I came from. A building in Burbank, California with a room full of people with the power to fulfill my destiny. And that they did. They gave me you. The greatest gift a girl could ask for. I love you Hannah Montana.” Read Cyrus’s full note below.
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