Michael Jordan Calls Golf "the Hardest Game To Play"

Michael Jordan Calls Golf "the Hardest Game To Play"

In a recent conversation with Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry, Michael Jordan discussed another passion of his — golf. Never one to back down from a competitive challenge, Jordan found himself devoted to the golf sport post-retirement, now more so than ever.

Sitting down with Curry, who is also a golf lover himself, the pair engaged in a conversation about the competitive nature of the sport and how it compares to basketball. MJ shared why he got into golf:

“I kind of got into golf mainly because from a competitive standpoint to me, it is the hardest game to play. I can always respond to an opponent, defensive guy, offensive guy whatever but in golf, it’s like playing in a mirror. You’re battling yourself consistently to try to get perfection. Every swing. Every putt.

For a competitive person like me, this is what keeps me sane because when I walk away from the game of basketball, that was enough to keep my competitive juices working. Now, when I don’t have that game, this game and it even drives me crazy then. I go fishing in between my golf because I got to show patience in fishing that’s going to be related to golf.”

Many may agree that golf is a major mental sport. MJ seems to have found solace in golf after his career in basketball. The interview sees both NBA stars discuss their hatred for losing, speaking to both their competitive mindsets.

Watch the full conversation above.

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