Maharishi Launches "Pearl Dragon & Phoenix" Embroidery Capsule

Maharishi Launches "Pearl Dragon & Phoenix" Embroidery Capsule

Maharishi‘s Spring/Summer 2021 collection sees the return of the mythical dragon and phoenix that have inspired the brand since its inception. The silhouettes in this capsule also continue to take inspiration from customized US military uniforms in the ’60s seen in Maharishi’s “Maha Tailor Shop” and MAHAPATCHO releases earlier this year.

“The dragon is sometimes interpreted as representing man’s spiritual quest for enlightenment and knowledge. The phoenix, rising from the ashes, symbolizes the eternal cycle and the transformation of death and rebirth. The flaming pearl of wisdom, so often hard to grasp, can be found hidden in the chest pocket,” Maharishi explains.

This collection features summer shirts made of vegetable-dyed Japanese Cupro Twill with woven dragon embroidery on the back and a flaming pearl of wisdom hidden in the chest pocket. U.S Army Parkas have been heavily modified with kimono-style collars, a detachable hood, and intricate embroidery and patchwork. Similar dragon and phoenix embroidery are found across the crew sweatshirts, relaxed cotton poplin Snopants, and summer trousers.

The capsule ranges from £375 GBP to £1,200 GBP (approx. $445 USD to $1,420 USD) and is now available on Maharishi’s website.

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