Laun Partners With Chet Architecture for Surf-Inspired Outdoor Collection

Laun Partners With Chet Architecture for Surf-Inspired Outdoor Collection

LA-based design studio, Laun, is due to unveil its first collaboration with Chet Architecture at NYCxDesign later this week. Entitled Mondos, the six-piece collection shares its name with a beach in Ventura, California, where it also draws its design inspiration from.

Comprising a sofa, loveseat side chair, chaise, side, and coffee table, Mondos’ initial conceptualization stems from ‘80s pools and garden furniture. As an amalgamation between Laun’s sculptural yet quintessential Californian aesthetics, and Chet Architecture’s playful approach towards living, the collection evokes a thoroughly joyful vibe through its bold hues and waves-like forms. Meanwhile, materials such as fiberglass, neoprene, aluminum, and vinyl permeate the collection with retrofuturistic appeal.

Laun’s co-founder, Molly Purnell mentions that their “work has always centered on the celebration of California’s design heritage, local craftsmanship and manufacturing.” By joining forces with Chet Architecture, a fresh perspective on color and form is
imbued into the six-piece outdoor collection. Similarly, Chet Callahan expresses his long-time admiration for Laun’s works, saying “They have brought incredible expertise in terms of craft and construction to the making of these pieces. Together I think we have arrived at a unique take on outdoor furniture that has a timeless elegance, evokes a bit of nostalgia and captures our shared sense of playfulness.”

Debuting at NYCxDesign 2023, the Mondos collection will be displayed as part of the New Waves exhibition. On May 20, the exhibition will open at Salon Gallery’s first permanent New York location and will remain on view until June 29. The collection will be available starting on May 20, via Laun and Salon Gallery’s official websites.

Salon Gallery
27 Vestry Street Ground Floor
New York, NY 10013
United States

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