JULIUS FW21 Proposes "[Resilience;]"

JULIUS FW21 Proposes "[Resilience;]"

Dubbed [Resilience;], JULIUS‘ Fall/Winter 2021 takes a different tact from the Japanese brand’s previous collection, reeling in the loose silhouettes with purposeful proportion play and muted tones. Though the optimism promised by the title is hard to read in the garments alone, the refined, comfortable cuts seem to propose a sense of stability necessary to maintain composure throughout disorderly times.

Warped tailoring is present throughout the range, evidenced by the dramatically-cropped hooded blazer and various wool overcoats, but JULIUS’ prime inspiration is revealed by way of militaristic outerwear and trousers. Ranging from baggy cargo pants to strapped bomber-style jackets to flight suits, the function-focused items take center stage with an emphasis on loose cuts over anatomical fits.

A variety of elongated knitwear, hoodies and similarly elevated loungewear underscore the comfy mood proposed by the other goods. Meanwhile, otherwise familiar denim and leather jackets are rearranged with the dramatic lengths, upsetting the recognizable with JULIUS’ adventurous bent.

Visit JULIUS’ website for a closer look at the FW21 imagery.

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