J Hus Makes Long-Awaited Return With New Single "It's Crazy"

J Hus Makes Long-Awaited Return With New Single "It's Crazy"

It’s been three years since UK rapper J Hus dropped his critically-acclaimed album Big Conspiracy, and now the Hustla Baby has released a brand-new single titled “It’s Crazy,” as Hus continues the roll-out of his forthcoming album, NO MILITANCY.

Recently, J Hus began the lead-up to his new material with a collection of billboards and police tape plastered over East London with the words “NO MILITANCY,” along with a phone number leading to a mysterious recording as well as a branded black Mercedes parked up at a local dealership. All of J Hus’ marketing tactics as of late have been put together in the lead-up to this: a new single.

“It’s Crazy” is produced by Fumes and The Elements, with the energy-filled song living up to its name. Additionally, the new drop has also come with some new visuals, directed by Stormzy and Headie One’s close friend and collaborator, Taz Tron Delix.

As a whole, Hus’ new release takes a darker approach than his previous summer-ready tracks. For example, the song makes subtle references to The Wire’s Omar, while Hus consistently repeats that he doesn’t care about the fame and accolades that naturally come with his level of success.

You can check out the “It’s Crazy” visuals above and the song is available to stream in its entirety below.

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