I've Had Invisalign For Two Years And Here's Everything I've Learned

I've Had Invisalign For Two Years And Here's Everything I've Learned

Hey there. I’m Shelby, and I’ve had Invisalign for about two years.

The first day of my Invisalign treatment, my orthodontist’s office told me my projected timeline would be about six months, with the possibility of one six-month refinement that would bring me up to one year, max.

Well my friends, that was over TWO YEARS AGO and I gotta say, I’ve been strung along quite a few times. I’m coming up on finishing my FOURTH refinement and chances are I’m still going to need more. I’ve entered that super lovely period where every time I go in for a checkup, my orthodontists swear up and down that the next round of trays will be my final set. Come the end of those trays, I’m hit with the “ooooh, looks like we’re gonna need to try one more time.” It’s maddening. I’ve been going through it for over a year. I’ve given up on thinking each set of trays will be my last, but my frustration still mounts with every passing fakeout.

18.But in the end, they’re still pretty worth it.

Despite all the (sometimes very) annoying aspects involved with my Invisalign treatment, I don’t think I would’ve made a different decision had I known then what I know now.

Does having Invisalign present an inconvenience to me on an everyday basis? Yes. Am I absolutely aching to be done with it after all this time? You betcha. But has it also greatly improved my smile, bite, and alleviated some jaw pain? 100%. I think the pictures above speak for themselves.

I still don’t know when I’ll be finished with my Invisalign (hopefully soon??), but I do know that I don’t plan on quitting. After all, I’ve made it this far. What’s another two years, right?? ??

Note: please consult with your dentist/orthodontist before deciding to pursue Invisalign or any other orthodontic treatment.

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