HAVEN's Latest "Prime" Range is Focusses on Suvin Cotton

HAVEN's Latest "Prime" Range is Focusses on Suvin Cotton

For its latest “Prime” range, HAVEN put its focus on providing exquisite softness and lustre that gets better with wear. The retailer went through an extensive sampling of cotton and blends around the world to find a fabric that was ultra-soft yet structural and luxurious yet durable enough for daily wear.

Standing out from the sourcing was a rare breed of cotton from India known as Suvin. Created in 1971, the world’s longest and finest cotton fibre is formed by combining India’s Sujata cotton with Sea Island, St. Vincent cotton. Earning the nickname of “White Gold,” the fibre is exposed to a gas flame while being spun to remove any excess lint. The process allows Suvin to be woven in very high thread counts, resulting in a soft hand feel, elegant, silk-like sheen and long-lasting durability rarely seen in cotton garments.

The HAVEN Suvin Cotton Range is comprised of the Prime Pullover Prime, Prime Crewneck, Prime T-Shirt Longsleeve, and Prime T-Shirt Shortsleeve.

Priced between $112 and $260 USD, the Suvin Cotton Range is available now at HAVEN.

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