Games Inbox: Nintendo Direct hopes and predictions

Games Inbox: Nintendo Direct hopes and predictions

The Tuesday letters page is unimpressed by this year’s Grammys nominations, as one reader explains how to improve DualSense battery life.

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Small dreams
So, with a bit of luck we’ll get a Nintendo Direct this week. Not guaranteed, I know, but let’s assume it’s at least this month… so what do people want and expect to see? The rumours of Switch 2 and Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom being the last big game are pretty convincing but that still leaves plenty of room for smaller releases.

On the remaster side of things, we’ve got plenty of Zelda games lined up and the long-rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy, which I’d be very happy with. I’d also like to see more GameCube games, including F-Zero GX, Eternal Darkness, and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron – ideally as ways back in for those franchises.

We’re probably due another Mario sports game this summer (I’m all for the illusive Super Mario Cricket) and maybe another lower budget Square Enix game. A HD-2D remake of Chrono Trigger, anyone? Advance Wars 1+2, of course, and maybe even something leftfield but lower budget, like a new Wave Race? Even if there’s no more big games till next year I still think there’s lots of interesting things they could do. Bring back Rhythm Paradise too!

Beating itself
I wouldn’t say I 100% agree with the Reader’s Feature about The Last Of Us but I can certainly see where it’s coming from. To all the people saying they’re in favour of the scenario being painted what games are you playing that makes you want them to focus on the story even more?

Not only are most game stories pretty bad but even one that’s universally accepted as good is being bettered by its own TV adaptation. One that’s made by the same guy! I’m not against stories in games, and there are some I’ve enjoyed, but only because they’re one part of a bigger experience. Wanting everything to be a linear, ‘cinematic experience’ that ends up being outdone when it’s an actual cinematic (or whatever you want to call high-end TV) experience seems like a bit of a dead end to me.

Quick conclusion
When I read the story about eight seconds of leaked Dragon Age 4 footage I figure it would be nothing. There’s no way you can judge a game from that. But, like you said, I found it easily and actually, based on those eight second, I’m not looking forward to the game a lot less than I was.

Yes, it did look a bit like God Of War but it also seemed really janky and weightless. In those eight seconds I end up thinking a lot more of Sony’s game and a lot less of BioWare’s? I know what you’re thinking, but look out the footage yourself and tell me it isn’t really offputting.

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Strange selection
It’s great that the Grammys has a video game character now but what were any of those nominations. I happen to have played all those games except for Old World and the Assassin’s Creed DLC (I played the main game) and I don’t remember any of the music in any of them. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is especially odd. It was just a vague pastiche of the movie soundtrack, wasn’t it?

There’s not a single nomination that’s the same for The Game Awards, which I would say is a much more sensible line-up (although I don’t think God Of War should’ve won): A Plague Tale: Requiem, Elden Ring, God Of War Ragnarök, Metal Hellsinger, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The Grammys cut-off date was October but how do you not nominate Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Elden Ring? Did they just not count Japanese games?

Welcome delay
I’ve not seen a lot of talk about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor so far, I guess because EA hasn’t really shown much of it, but I’m really looking forward to it and I have high hopes that it will take the solid original and make something really memorable out of it. The fact that they’ve acknowledged problems like the lack of fast travel is a good sign, and I imagine that means they’ve probably addressed the other issues as well.

I like the idea that it’s going to be next gen only and I also like that it’s been delayed. That may seem an odd thing to say but we often see bug-filled games released at some random date, that isn’t Christmas, and the obvious question is why was it so important to get it out then and not just wait a few weeks until it’s perfected? Hopefully that’s what’s happening here and EA will be rewarded with a really classic.

4 steps to success
Public service announcement on incoming.

Another reader told me to remap my controller when is started playing Goldeneye 007 on the Switch, I assumed I was late to the party doing so, but I keep seeing people saying, ‘It’s great… except for the controls, so maybe not.

Once you create and save a custom button mapping, it will play like any modern day shooter.

Step 1. Open System Settings and go to Change Button Mapping

Step 2. Remap your buttons as shown below.

Step 3. Save them so next time you can just load them.

Step 4. Select control style 1.2 Solitaire in-game.

That’s it, done… but while you’re in the game menu, make sure to put it into full screen 16:9 too.

Right, that’s it. If you previously gave up on it because of the original control scheme, go have another go now and see if you can unlock all the cheats with some old school grafting.
Antony White

Bottom 20
Would it be possible to print a top 40 of the Reader’s games of 2022? Unfortunately, I didn’t get time to write in for the Hot Topic or vote but enjoyed the hot topic on both days.
Andrew J.
PS: Nintendo emailed me the other day to say that there will be a physical version available of Bayonetta 1 on Switch sometime this month on the Nintendo Store. Currently, on Monday afternoon (2.07pm) they are
not in stock for physical versions. Also, if you have enough Nintendo points you can get a free Fire Emblem Engage notepad, plus £1.99 postage.


Quick change
Apologies if you all already knew about this, or if someone else messaged about it and I missed it. I wanted to bring this to your and all the readers’ attention, who have a PlayStation 5. As you’ll know, the DualSense controller is an awesome controller but its Achilles heel is its battery, which is a nightmare. I know I’m fed up with constantly charging it and I also don’t own a back-up.

However, I bought this replacement, higher capacity battery from Amazon. It’s only £25 and free delivery. It comes with the battery, which is the same dimensions and weight as the original stock battery Sony uses. You also get the correct sized Phillips screwdriver (there’s only four screws involved in the process), a pry tool, and clips to assist with the opening of the controller. Over and above that the packaging has a QR code, so you can view a step-by-step video tutorial on how to do it all.

Honestly, it’s so easy to do I had it done in like 15-20 minutes. The hardest part was actually getting the controller opened, as it feels like you’re going to snap the plastic but it comes away eventually. You just disconnect the original battery and connect the new one and put it back together again, that’s it. Now, in terms of the original battery mines was shocking, as it felt like I was always having to charge after a few hours use. I installed this new one only today and it had some charge already in it, two bars to be precise and after six hours constant use and counting I’m still at the same two bars. I think this thing’s going to last ages.

To put this into context, anyone with a Switch Pro controller will know how good that controller battery is, well that battery is a 1300mAh. This new one for the DualSense is 2600mAh, so in theory it should last double that of the Switch Pro controller battery. Maybe not quite, considering the haptics and feedback and internal tech, etc. Buy it’s definitely a massive upgrade that I highly recommend to everyone.

The link to the Amazon listing is here. I can’t stress how easy it is to do. Just watch the video tutorial on YouTube first (search Paxo PS5 DualSense battery replacement) and you’ll see how easy it is, first of all.

As usual, GC, thanks for everything you do and here’s hoping we get a great year ahead for our awesome hobby.
Bertie1 (PSN ID)

Inbox also-rans
I think anyone that knows Gran Turismo will know that Kazunori Yamauchi starting to thinking about a new game means it’s approximately eight years away right now. I wouldn’t worry about pre-orders just yet.

I had no idea the guy that helped make Street Fighter 2 was still working in games, let alone on Tekken 8. Man, the changes he must have seen over the last 30 years…

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was inspired by reader DM58 and asks what video game would you most like to see turned into a TV show?

Video game movies have seen some improvement in the last few years but it’s TV show The Last Of Us, along with Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Arcane, that has been the critical breakthrough, so what other games and franchises would you like to see get a similar treatment?

What format what you like it to have in terms of being live action or animated? Are there any particular actors, directors, or writers you’d like to see involved and how many episodes and seasons should the show run for?

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