Gab3 Asks If You Are 'Ready To Rave?' With His Debut Album

Gab3 Asks If You Are 'Ready To Rave?' With His Debut Album

After being announced late last year, Gab3 has now finally released his debut album Ready To Rave?.

Building on the multi-disciplinary creative distinct musical sensibility, the inaugural full-length features nine songs with production from Gab3. The 11-track project is defined by a frenetic mix of synth rhythms accented by bouncing drums and tittering hi-hats, underscored by a clear inspiration from the ’90s club culture of Los Angeles. Shifting between melodic delivery and braggadocious lines, tracks like “Don’t Cry,” “Faded,” “Crazy” and “Balenciaga” express evocative themes tied to adoration. Near the end of Ready To Rave? is a posthumous feature from Lil Peep which follows Gab3’s contributions on EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING.

Stream Gab3’s Ready to Rave? on Spotify below.

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