Fans Speculate Angelina Jolie's Newest Tattoos Are a Literal Middle Finger to One of Her Exes

Fans Speculate Angelina Jolie's Newest Tattoos Are a Literal Middle Finger to One of Her Exes

Angelina Jolie got new ink from famed New York City tattoo artist Mr. K, and after he teased a blurred shot of her dual middle finger tattoos, fans ran wild with speculation that the suggestively-placed art is a literal middle finger to one of Jolie’s exes.

Sharing a close-up photo on Instagram of the Eternals star’s hands, palms facing the camera with ink running the length of her middle fingers, Mr. K wrote, “@angelinajolie Still can’t believe that I actually grabbed her hand and tattooed her 🫠🖤👸🏼🖤🫠.” Teasing fans with censored blurs over Jolie’s newest body art, he added, “Guess what she got on her palm?”

A segment of fans went feral in the comments, speculating Jolie’s middle finger tats are a dig at her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. One user suggested the tattoos read, “F**k. Brad,” while another quipped, “Had A \ Brad Time.”

Mr. K put the rampant rumors to rest though. Several hours after posting the photo, he wrote in the comments, “It’s NOTHING related with Brad Pitt.” Their divorce may be one of the most tumultuous Hollywood has seen, but Jolie definitely doesn’t strike us as someone who would make a permanent addition to her body out of spite over a past relationship — and other fans agree.

One supporter of the actress wrote, “lmaoo why would anyone think this is brad pitt related!?!?!?! people are just sick in the head i guess lol.” Another commented, “people are so weird always inserting that man into her life. She already removed the one tattoo she had for him.”

Now the rumors can officially be put to bed thanks to the clarity provided by Mr. K.

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