Fallout TV show footage leaks with power armour and nukes

Fallout TV show footage leaks with power armour and nukes

It still doesn’t have a start date but the live action Fallout show on Amazon is looking extremely authentic, given the first trailer.

With Starfield out in just a few days and The Elder Scrolls 6 the next on Bethesda’s slate, it looks like being a long time until we ever see a new Fallout game – the Fallout TV show on Amazon, however, is due out next year.

It’s been looking impressively authentic ever since the first sets photos leaked but there was a brief one minute trailer shown at Gamescom this week, which demonstrates the show in action for the first time.

It was supposed to be behind closed doors but, inevitably, someone snuck out the footage anyway and, equally inevitably, they seem to have filmed it on a potato.

Surprisingly, Amazon and/or Bethesda seems to have made little effort to remove the footage online, so if the YouTube video below goes down you should still find it pretty easy to locate elsewhere.

That likely means they’re going to release it officially soon, at which point we’ll update this story, but in the meantime it features a number of shots of the wastelands, a bunch of people (presumably the Brotherhood of Steel) in T-45 power armour, a ghoul in a cowboy hat, and some nuclear bombs going off.

You could easily mistake it as a trailer for the game, although it’ll be interesting to see what kind of tone the show has. The original Fallout games, before Bethesda bought the franchise, were dark satires and that’s been largely lost in more recent games but does seem like something the show could bring back.

There’s still no launch date for the show, just some time in 2024, and Fallout 5 is not expected for at least five years or so.

However, there may be new Fallout games made by developers other than Bethesda, with the recent next gen update for Fallout 4 including references to New Vegas 2.

The original (which fans have been asking for a remaster of for years) was made by Obsidian Entertainment and they are now also owned by Microsoft – although since they’re currently working on both Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 it doesn’t seem like they have the spare capacity for anything else at the moment.

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