Dominic Fike Teases New Album, 'Sunburn'

Dominic Fike Teases New Album, 'Sunburn'

Following his performance and Coachella and the release of his new track and music video for “Dancing in the Courthouse,” Dominic Fike now drops a teaser clip for his new album which has now been announced as titled Sunburn.

The preview is shot on a beach with pink sunset afterglows illuminating the backdrop as Fike raps about his turbulent upbringing in Southern Florida. “When I die baby, Lay me in the sun,” he says before falling into a pit. Albums in the album will also include a track titled “Ant Pile” which he teased during his Coachella Weekend 1 performance.

“It’s obviously been a while since I’ve toured. It’s been a while since I’ve released music,” Fike told fans in November last year  during a performance in Seattle. “I don’t stop working. I don’t go out or anything, so the only thing I do is make music, so I have like four albums (…) I have this new album that comes out really soon. It’s really good. It’s very honest. I think the world is missing honesty.”

Stay tuned for more details to emerge in the coming weeks.

In other news, Travis Scott’s Utopia is being mastered by Mike Dean.
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