Digging for Gold: Arab Hip-Hop and R&B

Digging for Gold: Arab Hip-Hop and R&B

Digging for Gold is HYPEBEAST’s monthly playlist series that highlights regions across the world and the genres that come out of them. By putting together a mix of essentials and hidden gems, we hope to add to how you discover music and to deliver the thrill of finding new tracks.

With our newest regional site HYPEBEAST Arabia well underway, we’re taking this as an opportunity to showcase prominent stars within the Arab hip-hop and R&B scene. Like most artists of the genre, many are heavily influenced by its American origins, Latin sounds as well as UK Grime. Hip-hop’s hard-hitting nature lends itself greatly to storytelling, while R&B is one that can be effortlessly intertwined and experimented with.

As the popularity of hip-hop and R&B continues to amp up on a global scale, so have the worldwide talents who have demonstrated their own unique takes and touches to the musical genres. Household names like Freek, Flipperachi, Mougleta and The Synaptik are best known for incorporating Arab elements and lyrical flair. At the same time, up and coming stars such as Bbnbooda, Blvxb, El Far3i and Shébani are paving the way as the next generation of contemporary sounds.

Unrestricted by language or region, the rise of Arab Hip-Hop and R&B heralds a new chapter as one that celebrates culture and heritage. Listen to HYPEBEAST Arabia’s curated playlist that stretches from Bahrain to Jordan, Sudan, the UAE and more.

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