Casey DeSantis Steals a Fashion Idea From Melania Trump That Didn't Go Over Well the First Time

Casey DeSantis Steals a Fashion Idea From Melania Trump That Didn't Go Over Well the First Time

Casey DeSantis has already been compared to Melania Trump when it comes to fashion out on the campaign trail. While the Florida first lady’s wardrobe has been called “aspirational” to Melania’s “elitist” closet, she suddenly took a giant leap and caused a lot of controversy for leather jacket with a very pointed message that she wore at Ron DeSantis’ Des Moines, Iowa campaign stop on Saturday. Does this sound like a familiar scenario to anyone? 

From the front, Casey’s fitted jacket looked fairly normal with an American flag patch on one side, but when she turned around it was a completely different story. The back had the state of Florida embroidered on it along with an alligator layered on top of the state, and the message, “Where Woke Goes to Die.” And if that wasn’t unusual, Politico noted that it was 85 degrees in Iowa at the time — talk about a sweat-inducing moment.

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“Woke” is a word that her husband uses over and over again as a part of his campaign message — almost to the point of exhaustion. Even Donald Trump seems baffled by it as a presidential campaign platform. “I don’t like the term ‘woke,’ because I hear the term ‘woke woke woke’ — it’s just a term they use. Half the people can’t define it,” he said at the Westside Conservative Club in Iowa last week. “They don’t know what it is.” While the former president’s wife isn’t running around with the word “woke” on her back, she caused a similar controversy while they were in the White House with her own jacket in 2018.

Melania sported a green Zara jacket with the “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?” message on the back while on an official visit to the U.S. border as protests mounted about the treatment of children being held in immigration center. It was an explosive reaction to an already volatile situation and even Donald Trump was reportedly “not pleased at all” by her wardrobe choice. Somehow, we think Ron was very pleased by Casey’s fashion decision, but the message landed with a thud since an anti-woke agenda doesn’t seem to have much substance to it beyond a catchy campaign phrase.

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