Can You Figure Out Which Movie Franchise These Characters Come From?

Can You Figure Out Which Movie Franchise These Characters Come From?
  1. In what movie franchise can we find Reepicheep?

    Harry PotterThe Lord Of The RingsThe Chronicles Of NarniaCorrect! Wrong! Via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

  2. And what about Poppy Adams?

    KingsmanJames BondMission ImpossibleCorrect! Wrong! Via 20th Century Fox

  3. In what franchise does Ebony Maw exist?

    Marvel Cinematic UniverseDCEUX-MenCorrect! Wrong! Via Marvel Studios / Disney

  4. Help us out! Where can we find The Bowery King?

    Mad MaxThe Lord Of The RingsJohn WickCorrect! Wrong! Via Summit Entertainment

  5. And we can’t forget The Merovingian! Where franchise are they from?

    James BondThe MatrixAlice In WonderlandCorrect! Wrong! Via Warner Bros.

  6. How about our favorite dynamic duo, Pintel and Ragetti?

    Pirates Of The CaribbeanTransformersThe Hunger GamesCorrect! Wrong! Via Walt Disney StudiosMotion Pictures

  7. And if we were looking for Tom Hagen, we’d find him in what franchise?

    Jurassic ParkBack To The FutureThe GodfatherCorrect! Wrong! Via Paramount Pictures

  8. Breaking news! We need to know what franchise Veronica Corningstone is from.

    Men In BlackGhostbustersAnchormanCorrect! Wrong! Via DreamWorks Pictures

  9. What movie franchise has Irina Spalko in it?

    AlienIndiana JonesFast And FuriousCorrect! Wrong! Via Paramount Pictures

  10. Redirect us to the franchise where we can find Gothmog, please!

    Star TrekThe Lord Of The RingsTwilightCorrect! Wrong! Via New Line Cinema / WingNut Films

  11. In what franchise can we find John Kramer?

    Nightmare On Elm StreetHalloweenSawCorrect! Wrong! Via Lions Gate Films

  12. And finally, what franchise is K-2SO a part of?

    Star WarsTerminatorStar TrekCorrect! Wrong! Via Lucasfilm / Disney

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