Bride’s two page rambling wedding invite baffles guests – but it’s quite sweet

Bride’s two page rambling wedding invite baffles guests – but it’s quite sweet

There are a few essential boxes a wedding invitation needs to tick.

After all, people like to know they're going to be looked after, and the more detail you include, the less likely it is you'll be bombarded by streams of annoying questions your nearest and dearest.

But, you don't need to go too overboard with the info – you've got a to retain a little bit of mystery on the big day .

Clearly, this is a tricky and fine line to dance, with one bride going rather OTT with her wedding invitations.

The invitation, shared on the  That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming   Facebook group, begins with the woman apologising taking "so long" to send out the details.

The bride reveals that for those who can't make it to the wedding, there'll be a handy Facebook live.

But for those who can make the big day, they can expect the bride to be wearing a "blush pink with rose gold detailing", so guests should not wear a "champagne colour or pink of any kind" to the ceremony.

On a lighter note, the reception wedding will provide guests with "four types of cookies" – ginger snap, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter."

She adds: "We will have both cupcakes and regular cake for wedding cake. The main intention was easy portion for children but all are welcome.

"We will also have regular and almond milk for dunking. Almond milk will be unsweetened vanilla since cookies are sweet enough."

But while there'll be cookies and cake, the bride does warn guests that they should "please eat something before arriving' because the small reception will not have 'a lot of food".

By way of getting guests to respond, the bride then signs off by telling her invitees that they "can not stay for the reception" if they do not respond to the RSVP.

Social media users were quick to comment on the bride's unique take on wedding invites.

One woman wrote: "Feel like I deserve an invite to the wedding after taking all that time to read that letter."

"'Almond milk will be unsweetened vanilla since the cookies are sweet enough' – I lost it at this point," added someone else.

Another wrote: "I am so confused. What is happening and when? It seems like this could have been accomplished more clearly in about six bullet points instead of this stream of consciousness mess".

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