Bottega Veneta's Viral "Home Phone Cord" Necklace Appears as Bracelet and Earrings

Bottega Veneta's Viral "Home Phone Cord" Necklace Appears as Bracelet and Earrings

Bottega Veneta is on a (troll) roll. Following on from its $3,081 USD floral-beaded necklace that didn’t just sell out but also got a lot of traction on social media as it was picked up by the likes of Diet Prada, it has since dropped a coiled necklace made from sterling silver that’s coated in enamel — or as the tabloids and social media put it, the “home phone cord” necklace.

In its latest attempt to break the internet — remember when it came off of social media? — the Daniel Lee-helmed label hasn’t just dropped one necklace, it hasn’t even just dropped three in a variety of colors, no, it has also added a bracelet and a matching set of earrings into the phone cord-esque mix.

The necklace retails for $2,000 USD and for that you get to choose between “Grass,” “Lavender” or “Bianco” colors, with each sporting an enamel-coated sterling silver construction. There’s a hook that is used to fasten the piece around your neck, and little else is going on — other than a clear nod to Y2K hair bands, perhaps.

Similarly, the $940 USD bracelet comes in a cuff style meaning that there is no fastening. It’s finished in “Argento Antique,” a sort of chrome-silver hue if you will, and from the pictures above it may not even be branded — but then, it’s already a viral design so people are going to know.

Lastly, Bottega Veneta rounds out the collection with two sets of earrings, which combine the sterling silver beads from the aforementioned floral necklace with the cable design from the bracelet and necklaces above, retailing for $1,250 USD. Aside from this is the other set of earrings which appear in a more “phone cord”-like look, costing $800 USD.

Take a look at the Bottega Veneta coiled collection above, and purchase everything on the Bottega Veneta website now.

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