Blue Blue Japan FW21 Offers Handmade, Patchworked Elegance

Blue Blue Japan FW21 Offers Handmade, Patchworked Elegance

Overseen by Hollywood Ranch Market parent SEILIN&CO., Blue Blue Japan has been kicking around since the ’80s, refining its blue-tinged wares over the past several decades into a cohesive selection of apparel for men and women. Fall/Winter 2021 takes another step towards refined silhouettes, elevating the brand’s signature workwear touches with elements of tailoring.

Sure, there are richly-stitched and dyed chore coats and denim jeans, but Blue Blue’s latest also steps back from pure utility by way of elegant herringbone set-ups and relaxed pajama-like sets emblazoned with elegant grid patterns. Wool blazers and overcoats have a similar sack fit to vintage apparel, but updated the core elements with Japanese craft and organic textiles, imbuing various items with that rich herringbone pattern. Elsewhere, indigo-dipped beanies, scarves, vests and hoodies lend a casual touch to the affair, ensuring that the new items don’t stray to far from the Japanese brand’s blue collar heritage.

Visit Blue Blue Japan’s web store to get a better look at and eventually order the Fall/Winter 2021 goods.

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