Bleue Burnham's Gucci Vault-Exclusive Jewelry Explores Our Connection With Nature

Bleue Burnham's Gucci Vault-Exclusive Jewelry Explores Our Connection With Nature

From leading the new guard of men’s jewelry to working with the likes of Palm Angels, London’s Bleue Burnham has his ring finger on the pulse when it comes to making signets, pendants and more that are destined to last a lifetime. His timeless designs often explore natural realms — such as “The Secret Life of Plants” for Fall/Winter 2022 — while also touching upon more futuristic elements as each stone is lab-made. Now, Burnham brings all of this learning to Gucci Vault, where he has just released a ten-piece unisex jewelry collection comprising some of his most intricately beautiful designs.

Florals and human nature are embraced and interacted with, exploring organic formations and cultural references with pieces like the Braided Signet ring. Here, Bleue Burnham drew inspiration from the “ritual of braiding to beautify and add more meaning to nature,” weaving .925 recycled sterling silver into a three-dimensional wearable piece of art that comes to a tip, proudly bearing the lab-grown sapphire or ruby at the top. Likewise, this braided design infiltrates a duo of pendant necklaces.

For something more extravagant, Bleue Burnham’s Willow ring might be the one for you. A 10mm x 12mm oval cut clear sapphire is haloed by a rainbow of multicolored sapphires and rubies, each of which is set in a thick crown on top with clasps defining the shape. Recycled 9k yellow gold is used throughout the Willow’s construction, sporting a design that’s carved and etched as if to look like a bouquet of flowers — the stones its florals and the gold its stems.

Rounding off Bleue Burnham’s collection for Gucci Vault is the Cosmos ring — a piece that comes in either gold or silver with a pavé bud set with red lab-created rubies, green lab-created emeralds, or a combination of multicolored sapphires and green lab-created emeralds.

Take a look at the collection above, and find more from Bleue Burnham on Gucci Vault’s dedicated webpage now. Prices range from £625 GBP to £3,470 GBP (approx. $720-$4,000 USD).

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