Bauer X Unveils "Bauer 101" Core Collection and IRAK Collab

Bauer X Unveils "Bauer 101" Core Collection and IRAK Collab

Following its launch with a Don C collaboration, hockey brand, Bauer, has returned with a core collection and IRAK collaboration for its Bauer X line. Dubbed “Bauer 101,” the two-part core collection is centered around a back-to-school aesthetic, representing Bauer’s history and street sense.

A binary color palette of black and white is used in the merging of iconic motifs from both hockey and streetwear throughout the “Bauer 101” collection. The range is comprised of a graffiti-inspired hoodie, long-sleeve printed with the original Bauer Hockey skate patent, Bauer 101 tee, gym shorts, cap, socks, and practice towel.

The accompanying collaboration with the New York Rangers fans and legendary New York graffiti crew taps into the culture of the city. Leading the team-up is the IRAK Jersey marked by yellow text and striped borders, along with the Rangers-inspired “RACKERS” tee. Finishing up the collaboration is the IRAK Hat that follows the tones of black and yellow found on the jersey.

“Bauer X was carefully and thoughtfully developed from an amalgamation of interests and hobbies across multiple audiences and networks. The brand’s goal is to bring new audiences into the hockey realm by creating a product line built on the interests of those who may not already be aware of hockey. We drew our inspiration from elements of the following: hip hop, architecture, design, art, and sport,” said the Bauer Design Team.

The “Bauer 101” collection and accompanying collaboration with IRAK are available now on Bauer X’s website.

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