Bartenders, What Drink Are You Sick Of Making?

Bartenders, What Drink Are You Sick Of Making?

If you’ve ever worked as a bartender, you know that catering to each individual customer’s drink preferences isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

Some drinks are more complicated than others…

…but is there one in particular you absolutely hate making?

Maybe you can’t stand Mojitos because they’re time-consuming, complex, and get your hands sticky in the mixing process.

Perhaps you dread having to pull out five different types of liquor to make a Long Island Iced Tea.

Or maybe you think blending a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is your own personal hell.

So, bartenders of BuzzFeed, tell us what drinks you’re sick of making — and why you’re tired of them – and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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