Bandit9 Motors Unveils The Supermarine Motorcycle

Bandit9 Motors Unveils The Supermarine Motorcycle

When it comes to engineering innovative, powerful and elegant looking motorcycles, there’s arguably no one that does it better than Bandit9 — a Saigon-based motorcycle imprint that’s helmed by Daryl Villanueva. Some of the brand’s striking creations so far include that of the L-Concept and the Odyssey, and now it has officially unveiled its latest offering: The Supermarine Motorcycle.

From a design-perspective, the Vietnam motorcycle entity fashioned the futuristic looking machine with a body that mimics the look of leaping Mobula Rays, and its frame is cooked up to mimic that of a coral reef. Some of the most striking features to point out here are the chassis which is formed with a 7075 aluminum build which is extremely lightweight and durable, cast aluminum alloy wheels and a custom LED display. There are two variations of the bike: the Stealth Class or the Carbon Class, the latter of which is the higher tiered rendition that features a 6-speed gearbox, titanium 2 in 2 exhausts and 3 ft-lb of torque.

You can find more information about the bike here, and note that all of Bandit9’s motorcycles are made to order.

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