Bad Bunny Cast as El Muerto in Sony and Marvel's Upcoming Film

Bad Bunny Cast as El Muerto in Sony and Marvel's Upcoming Film

Bad Bunny is joining the Sony-Marvel universe as El Muerto/Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez.

The news was announced during Sony’s panel at Cinemacon, with Bad Bunny surprising the crowd. Reports state that the El Muerto project will be Marvel’s first standalone film with a Latin superhero lead, and that Bad Bunny “took matters into his own hands” in regards to finding which Spider-Man character will be the best for him.

El Muerto was saved by Spider-Man when the former faced his oppressor el Dorado:

“El Muerto traveled to New York City and approached J. Jonah Jameson to set up a charity event: A wrestling match, in which el Muerto would fight Spider-Man. Jonah organized the match, hoping that el Muerto would defeat and unmask Spider-Man. El Muerto and Spider-Man both attended the match, and Spider-Man was confident he would easily defeat el Muerto. The tide turned, and el Muerto nearly unmasked Spider-Man. Reflexively, Spider-Man stabbed el Muerto with his stingers, injecting him with a paralyzing poison.

Spider-Man rescued el Muerto in the hospital when el Dorado came to claim his life. El Muerto came to and aided Spider-Man in defeating el Dorado. El Dorado still managed to escape before they managed to defeat him.”

Stay tuned for more info on the El Muerto film.

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