8 Drops You Don’t Want to Miss This Week

8 Drops You Don’t Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the fourth release from Supreme‘s Fall/Winter 2023 collection and the seventh final drop of Palace Skateboards‘ Fall 2023 collection with Carhartt WIP.

Continuing its major collaborations series for the season, Supreme has worked with Turner Prize-winning British artist Mark Leckey on a notable collection. The special range features images from the works Fiorucci Made Me HardcoreDream English Kid1964–1999 AD, and GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction. The evocative imagery is emblazoned on a collection comprised of two Jackets, a Long Sleeve Shirt, two Pants, a T-Shirt, and a Skateboard.

Supreme’s Week 4 drop is led by the Reversible Houndstooth Overcoat, Collegiate Patchwork Leather Hooded Sweatshirt, and Plaid Flannel Shirt. Other notables include the Glazed Athletic Short Sleeve Top, Banner Short Sleeve Top, and Needle Punch Regular Jean. Headwear styles include the Back Arc 6-Panel, Pin Up Mesh Back 5-Panel, and Stripe Cashmere Beanie. The standout boldly branded accessories this week come in the form of the Koss PortaPro Headphones and Screw Pin.

Another notable collaboration this week is the team-up between Better Gift Shop and Stüssy for Fall 2023. Other standouts include the first collection from Sketpa‘s MAINS London label, The Weeknd‘s Kiss Land 10th anniversary merch release, and MARKET‘s Fall 2023 capsule collection. Finally, rounding up this week’s notable releases is Diaspora Skateboards‘ FW23 collection.

Catch this week’s 8 drops you don’t want to miss below.

MARKET Fall 2023 Capsule Collection

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Market2 of 12

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Market12 of 12


When: Now

Diaspora Skateboards Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

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Diaspora Skateboards2 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards3 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards4 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards5 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards6 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards7 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards8 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards9 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards10 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards11 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards12 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards13 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards14 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards15 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards16 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards17 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards18 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards19 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards20 of 20

Diaspora Skateboards

When: Now
Where: Diaspora Skateboards

Born X Raised’s Fall/Winter 2023 “BIRDS OF PARADISE” Collection

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Born X Raised2 of 53

Born X Raised3 of 53

Born X Raised4 of 53

Born X Raised5 of 53

Born X Raised6 of 53

Born X Raised7 of 53

Born X Raised8 of 53

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Born X Raised10 of 53

Born X Raised11 of 53

Born X Raised12 of 53

Born X Raised13 of 53

Born X Raised14 of 53

Born X Raised15 of 53

Born X Raised16 of 53

Born X Raised17 of 53

Born X Raised18 of 53

Born X Raised19 of 53

Born X Raised20 of 53

Born X Raised21 of 53

Born X Raised22 of 53

Born X Raised23 of 53

Born X Raised24 of 53

Born X Raised25 of 53

Born X Raised26 of 53

Born X Raised27 of 53

Born X Raised28 of 53

Born X Raised29 of 53

Born X Raised30 of 53

Born X Raised31 of 53

Born X Raised32 of 53

Born X Raised33 of 53

Born X Raised34 of 53

Born X Raised35 of 53

Born X Raised36 of 53

Born X Raised37 of 53

Born X Raised38 of 53

Born X Raised39 of 53

Born X Raised40 of 53

Born X Raised41 of 53

Born X Raised42 of 53

Born X Raised43 of 53

Born X Raised44 of 53

Born X Raised45 of 53

Born X Raised46 of 53

Born X Raised47 of 53

Born X Raised48 of 53

Born X Raised49 of 53

Born X Raised50 of 53

Born X Raised51 of 53

Born X Raised52 of 53

Born X Raised53 of 53

Born X Raised

When: Now
Where: Born X Raised

The Weeknd Kiss Land 10th Anniversary Merch

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The Weeknd3 of 24

The Weeknd4 of 24

The Weeknd5 of 24

The Weeknd6 of 24

The Weeknd7 of 24

The Weeknd8 of 24

The Weeknd9 of 24

The Weeknd10 of 24

The Weeknd11 of 24

The Weeknd12 of 24

The Weeknd13 of 24

The Weeknd14 of 24

The Weeknd15 of 24

The Weeknd16 of 24

The Weeknd17 of 24

The Weeknd18 of 24

The Weeknd19 of 24

The Weeknd20 of 24

The Weeknd21 of 24

The Weeknd22 of 24

The Weeknd23 of 24

The Weeknd24 of 24

The Weeknd

When: Now
Where: The Weeknd

Supreme Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Week 4 Drop

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Supreme6 of 25

Supreme7 of 25

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Supreme9 of 25

Supreme10 of 25

Supreme11 of 25

Supreme12 of 25

Supreme13 of 25

Supreme14 of 25

Supreme15 of 25

Supreme16 of 25

Supreme17 of 25

Supreme18 of 25

Supreme19 of 25

Supreme20 of 25

Supreme21 of 25

Supreme22 of 25

Supreme23 of 25

Supreme24 of 25

Supreme25 of 25


When: September 14, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/Seoul Release September 16, 11 a.m. JST
Where: Supreme

Better Gift Shop x Stüssy Fall 2023 Collaboration

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Stüssy2 of 3

Stüssy3 of 3


When: September 15
Where: Stüssy

Palace x Carhartt WIP Fall 2023 Collection

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Palace5 of 29

Palace6 of 29

Palace7 of 29

Palace8 of 29

Palace9 of 29

Palace10 of 29

Palace11 of 29

Palace12 of 29

Palace13 of 29

Palace14 of 29

Palace15 of 29

Palace16 of 29

Palace17 of 29

Palace18 of 29

Palace19 of 29

Palace20 of 29

Palace21 of 29

Palace22 of 29

Palace23 of 29

Palace24 of 29

Palace25 of 29

Palace26 of 29

Palace27 of 29

Palace28 of 29

Palace29 of 29


When: September 15, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/China Release September 16, 11 a.m. JST/CST
Where: Palace, “Palace_Skateboards” WeChat store

Sketpa MAINS London’s First Collection

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Mains London2 of 6

Mains London3 of 6

Mains London4 of 6

Mains London5 of 6

Mains London6 of 6

Mains London

When: September 17
Where: Dover Street Market London
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