28 Extremely Random Names You Definitely Haven't Thought About In Like 15 Years

28 Extremely Random Names You Definitely Haven't Thought About In Like 15 Years

1.“Pierre Escargot”:

AKA the frenchman who taught you everything you need to know about the Parisian lifestyle.


AKA the boy who taught you to never be afraid to show people what you could do.

3.“Prometheus and Bob”:

AKA the original dynamic duo.

4.“Stick Stickly”:

AKA the world’s first and ONLY popsicle stick host.


AKA a very good dog.

6.“Miss Viola Swamp”:

AKA probably the meanest person in the entire world.

7.“Mr. Dink”:

AKA the model next-door neighbor.

8.“Miss Cleo”:

AKA your first interaction with the paranormal.


AKA the rock with the deepest voice in rock history.


AKA the guy who’s constantly getting scared stupid.

11.“Numa Numa Guy”:

AKA the person who taught you what a REAL dance looks like.

12.“Frog and Toad”:

AKA the duo that taught you, you know what? Sometimes you gotta eat too many cookies.

13.“Rolie Polie Olie”:

AKA the greatest Olie of all time.

14.“Randall Weems”:

AKA the inspiration for the word “snitch”.

15.“Bruce Bogtrotter”:

AKA the kid who ate all that cake in Matilda.

16.“Mr. Owl”:

AKA the animal who couldn’t just let that kid enjoy his lollipop.

17.“Amby and Dexter”:

AKA the video that’s been hidden away in the deepest crevices of your memory.

18.“Henry and June”:

AKA the enterprising hosts of Kablam!


AKA the big giant monster that taught you Spanish in quick 30 second commercials.

20.“Kenny and Vic”:

AKA the powerful hosts of MXC.


AKA that friendly three-eyed monkey.

22.That terrifying Honeycombs mascot:

AKA the beast who always screamed “ME WANT HONEYCOMB”.

23.“Pappy Drewit”:

AKA the indie Bob Ross.

24.“Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond”:

AKA the two responsible for all your claymation nightmares.

25.“Large Marge”:

AKA the person who still haunts your dream.

26.“Artie The Strongest Man In The World”:

AKA, you know, the strongest man in the world.


AKA Deadpool for kids.

28.And “Face”:

AKA a big giant face.

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