17 Of The Funniest Questions Students Have Ever Asked Sex-Ed Teachers

17 Of The Funniest Questions Students Have Ever Asked Sex-Ed Teachers

Recently, Reddit user u/drgamecubed asked middle school sex-ed teachers to share the funniest and best questions students have asked them. Here are some of our favorites:

1.“One girl had asked if she should see a doctor because she was worried about being pregnant after grinding too much at a junior high dance.”


2.“‘What do I do if I get an erection in school?’ My response: ‘Sit down.'”


3.“So if I’m gay, do I still have to go through puberty?”


4.“My friend asked the teacher if putting semen on a wound would help it heal.”


5.“Can you get an STI from someone if you TRULY love them?”


6.“We were talking about the LGBTQ community and one of my classmates yelled out, ‘What is that? A television network?'”


7.“When informed that the volume of ejaculate is about a teaspoon, one boy did the math in his head and shouted, ‘There’s 96 orgasms to a pint!'”


8.“I took a sex-ed class in the south, so they teach abstinence. The teacher gave the stats of all the different types of birth control and their percentages of preventing pregnancies. She then asked the class, ‘What is the only method of contraceptive that prevents pregnancies 100% of the time? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with A.’ A couple moments of silence go by, then a kid behind me says, ‘Anal!'”


9.“I had a classmate ask, ‘If it feels so good, why do people scream?’ Solid question indeed.”


10.“In my middle school sex-ed class, this kid asked, ‘What’s the plural of penis? Penises or penii?'”


11.“Who is supposed to blow during a blow job?”


12.“A teenaged girl didn’t know how to pronounce ‘vagina.’ She said ‘va-gee-na.’


13.“Can you tie the foreskin in a knot and use it like a condom?”


14.“If a woman has a threesome while she has an STD, can the STD travel through the woman and the man and infect the third person the same way a wire conducts electricity?”


15.“What happens if I get a boner during sex?”


16.“I know you’re supposed to pee on the girl…but where exactly are you supposed to pee?”


17.“We were discussing masturbation and a kid loudly announced, ‘OK, hands above the desks, everyone.'”


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