14 People Who Did The Right Thing…And Then It Backfired

14 People Who Did The Right Thing…And Then It Backfired

1.This guy was just tryna make friends:

2.This person did the right thing by not driving:

3.This guy tried to speak Spanish for his girlfriend:

7.And this ex-wife was just trying say Happy Father’s Day:

8.This person was helpful, but then not at all:

9.“I offered my seat to an elderly lady in the bus. Turned out she wasn’t that old and felt offended so she screamed at me.” — dajz

10.This parent just wanted to get their daughter a birthday cake and this bakery mixup happened:

11.This girl was just doing this party trick and it backfired:

12.And this guy was just tryna be a Halloween costume:

13.This applicant was just trying to be creative and stand out:

14.And lastly, this pepper spray victim, OMG:

“I was in the parking lot of a store onetime when a lady dropped a bunch of stuff off her cart. She was having trouble picking up a box of bulk items. I told her that I would help her and we both picked the box up and put it in the trunk of her car. She then sprayed me with pepper spray and screamed. I was left confused at why I was attacked as she almost ran me over driving out of there.” — stimbus

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