11 of the best, most relatable memes and tweets about the #heatwave

11 of the best, most relatable memes and tweets about the #heatwave

Written by Katy Harrington

Katy Harrington is Stylist’s commissioning editor and acting deputy digital editor.

We’re very much in need of some levity today as the country is too hot to bear. 

The fact that Britain recorded its hottest day since records began today (Tuesday 19 July) with the Met Office saying temperatures hit a high of 40.2°C at London Heathrow in south England is really no laughing matter, and we hope this might be the catalyst to make the government sit up and start taking climate change seriously.

But for those of us who don’t run the country or manage multi-million pound corporations, we’ve mostly been holed up at home with the curtains drawn and only a desk fan to keep us cool on this blisteringly hot day, and humour has at least been a bit of a balm to soothe our sweaty souls.

Yes, the good old internet went into overdrive as the temperatures got higher, with many looking for some levity during a very dire situation.

If you are in need of some relief, here are some of the funniest memes to enjoy with an ice-cold glass of water (or beer). 

We feel your pain…

This heat is actually hellish

There really is a Simpson’s meme for every occasion 

For all the brave souls who left the house

We are not equipped for this

Ask yourself, what would Nigella do?

Highly relatable

This is going to all of us when it starts to rain 

Trying to sleep is like…

We are fully on board…

Spare a thought for the goths 

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