Why did People Magazine do an exclusive about Brad Pitts Miraval winery?

Why did People Magazine do an exclusive about Brad Pitts Miraval winery?

Bullet Train is coming out on August 5th. The release date has been pushed back a few times, and while the film is likely being positioned as counter-programming to the glut of superhero films, usually August release dates are pretty inauspicious. Anyway, that’s why we’re hearing so much about Brad these days. That’s why he looked like Liberace’s corpse on the cover of GQ. He’s promoting Bullet Train. But he’s also rebranding himself too. He went from movie star and producer to wannabe architect to wannabe artist to…. A Dude Who Owns a Winery.

Nevermind the fact that Brad Pitt only owns half a winery and half a chateau after Angelina sold off her half of the home and business to Tenute del Mondo, and Pitt’s new business partners are suing him, and search warrants have been executed on Chateau Miraval. None of that is mentioned in this bizarrely sycophantic People Magazine article, “A Look Inside the Winery Where Brad Pitt’s Champagne Is Made: ‘Welcome to Our Speakeasy!’” Brad and his team gave People Magazine an exclusive tour of the winery ahead of some new release of something or other from the Miraval label. There are no quotes from Brad, but some of his business partners spoke to People. Again, though, there’s a whole story just waiting to be told about how Tenute del Monde is suing Brad over how poorly he’s running this business and how much money he’s wasting.

People Magazine does make some references to the fact that Brad is trying to drag Angelina to court over her sale of her half of the Miraval property and business, but People is being somewhat careful not to take a side. They want to keep the door open to Jolie and still get quotes from her side of this mess. Still, this People Magazine exclusive was a really bad call.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, cover courtesy of GQ.

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