What Do Lee Hyun’s “You Are Here” Lyrics Mean? The BTS World Track Is A Brother’s Message To BTS

What Do Lee Hyun’s “You Are Here” Lyrics Mean? The BTS World Track Is A Brother’s Message To BTS

BTS World is here, and with it came an, honestly, ridiculous soundtrack. And by ridiculous, I mean almost too good to be true. Like, did BTS really have to go this hard for a mobile game? The first song from the OST to drop was Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin’s "Dream Glow," featuring Charlie XCX. Then came J-Hope and V’s "A Brand New Day" with Zara Larsson. The song to complete the sub-unit tracks was RM and Suga’s "All Night" with Juice WRLD. On Friday, June 28, the whole album hit Spotify, and there was a major surprise included: A song called "You Are Here" sung by BTS’ labelmate, Lee Hyun. Without even understanding the lyrics, one can tell it’s an emotionally charged ballad. But you might be wondering, "What do Lee Hyun’s ‘You Are Here’ lyrics mean?"

Well, get ready to cry your eyes out, because the message behind "You Are Here" is like a supportive message to Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin from an older brother that perfectly gets across the theme of BTS World, which is to follow your dreams.

According to a translation by @SPOTLIGHTBTS, Hyun is singing about a deep friendship with a group of people and how they’ll always be there for each other through thick and thin.

Listening to Hyun’s beautiful voice and passionate tone will make you so emotional, especially taking the meaning of the lyrics into account. The song shows how much Hyun loves, respects, and supports BTS as his little brothers. While we’ve seen a little bit of their brotherly relationship through Twitter and Bangtan Bombs, this song seems like a dedication that makes their connection so clear.

Check out the tranlation of the lyrics below (but maybe grab a tissue first):

Are you emotional enough yet? No? Well, listening to the track again will really make your heart burst, so do it!

The BTS ARMY and I are so happy that BTS has such an amazing older brother like Lee Hyun.

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