Twitter Freaks As Manifest Is Canceled After Landing Top Netflix Spot!

Twitter Freaks As Manifest Is Canceled After Landing Top Netflix Spot!

Twitter is experiencing some minor turbulence as fans are freaking out over NBC’s cancellation of Manifest!

According to reports, the network has decided not to renew the supernatural drama about a lost plane for a fourth season, even though it’s experiencing a three-day reign as one of Netflix’s Top 10 shows this week.

Series creator Jeff Rake confirmed the news in a sad update on Twitter, telling fans, who passionately call themselves “Manifesters”:

“My dear Manifesters, I’m devastated by NBC’s decision to cancel us. That we’ve been shut down in the middle is a gut punch to say the least. Hoping to find a new home. You the fans deserve an ending to your story. Thanks for the love shown to me, cast, and crew. #savemanifest

Naturally, fans are holding out hope as well — and many are taking action! Over five-thousand Manifesters have signed a petition to demand six full season, while one Twitter fan page made a direct plea to Netflix to pick up where NBC left off, writing:

“NBC made a huge mistake.”

Individual fans were so passionate that #SaveManifest started trending on Twitter. Users wrote:

“Woke up to see my all-time favorite show canceled by NBC. Manifest has so much meaning and is one of the best shows that actually hooks you from episode one, and carries that feeling in every episode. We deserve to see what happened to 828! Manifesters Unite! #SaveManifest”

“I don’t care which network saves the show, just someone do it. #SaveManifest #Manifest”

“So let let get this straight, #Manifest is number one in the US on Netflix for the 3rd straight day in the world and we have to campaign to #SaveManifest? This is nonsense @netflix @nbc @JoshDallas @melissaroxburgh”

“not ready to say goodbye to them, the cast and the whole crew deserve more seasons and to be able to tell the whole story. #SaveManifest #Manifest”

Rake created Manifest with a six-year life span, which means the story will be far from finished if the show is unable to land at another network. Fortunately for all these heartbroken Manifesters, there’s still hope that the show will live on, as Warner Bros. Television is currently looking for a new home for the fan favorite.

In the meantime, the Manifest writers room’s Twitter account is encouraging fans to support the show by heading to Hulu for the latest Season 3 episodes. Fans can also watch the first two seasons of the drama on Netflix.

Do U think all this buzz will #SaveManifest?

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