TOWIE’S Ella Rae Wise reveals new boyfriend – and its serious

TOWIE’S Ella Rae Wise reveals new boyfriend – and its serious

It’s been four years since Ella Rae Wise joined the TOWIE cast as a fresh-faced 18-year-old – and a lot has happened, from wars of words to tropical romances.

It’s been a busy few months for the 22-year-old, who has recently returned from a drama-filled trip to Thailand with her co-stars, moved into her first home and needed daunting eye surgery after finding a mysterious lump on her eyelid.

Sharing her fears on Instagram, the reality star wrote, "Back in two weeks to see what the lump actually is and hopefully rule out what we do not want it to be… tumour or… I can’t even say it.”

Talking exclusively to OK! this week, Ella updates us on her terrifying op, dishes on what went on behind the scenes in Thailand and reveals exciting relationship news about her mystery boyfriend for the first time…

Hi Ella! How are you feeling after your eye surgery?

It was quite a procedure to get my head around, it was daunting because your eyes are so important, so it did scare me. I’m doing OK at the moment, I was feeling quite low after my operation to be honest. The medication I was on made me feel quite down in the dumps and I was anxious about the results. I’m still waiting on those but I’m just positive thinking so fingers crossed.

Going through that must have been so scary…

It really was, I had quite bad anxiety about the operation. I’ve never had a panic attack before, but I did before going down to surgery and I was hyperventilating. But the nurses were really good at calming me down and reassuring me, so now I’m just focusing on my recovery, which is going well.

Congrats on buying your first home – how’s it going?

Good, thank you! I moved two weeks ago, so, you know what it’s like when you’re moving, I’ve been so busy. It just feels like home already though, I love it. I feel very independent. It was the next step for me, I’m becoming more of a woman. My mum is only 10 minutes down the road so she’s been here a lot, helping me with the interior design.

How was filming TOWIE in Thailand?

Very eventful! I think it really got to us. People were exhausted with the time difference and there was just drama 24/7. In the UK, we can have drama and then go home and forget about it. But when we’re all in a resort together, you still have to see everyone after filming awkward scenes, so it was a lot of stress. I did make some good memories with some of the cast members. Our feelings were definitely heightened and some people fell into that “holiday romance” state of mind. That’s what happened with Dani [Imbert] and Roman [Hackett], who got together out there. I think it was just because they were in the sun and had some cocktails.

Are we going to see some fallout from the trip in the next series?

Definitely, I know a few things have gone down and not-nice words have been exchanged. I can’t give too much away but friendships haven’t gone back to the way they were before and quite a lot has gone down since. There will be a lot of drama coming up.

You’ve had a lot of history with co-stars Dan Edgar and Amber Turner. Were you surprised to hear about their split?

For me, and a lot of us on the show, I don’t think we were very surprised to hear – if it makes them happy then that’s all that matters. I don’t know why they split, I think everyone is wondering, but, hopefully, they’re both happy single.

Are you single at the moment?

No, I’m not single – I don’t ever think I will be again. I’ve kept this private for a long time and I think a lot of people will be shocked.

So, it’s official?

Yes, 100% official. Now I’ve got my own home and a boyfriend, I’m thinking about having a family and getting married. Things are moving in that direction now. I’m very happy at this moment in my life. We are keeping it private at the moment just because things are going so well, so I’m not going to tell you who he is yet. At some point I will, he is going to be such a big part of my life.

How have you found being in the spotlight since joining the show?

I have loved being on TOWIE, it’s opened so many doors and opportunities for me. But also, it is hard being in the public eye because people have a perception of you. The show is revolved around drama so we have to give our opinions because there wouldn’t be anything to watch if we didn’t. There’s more to us than meets the eye.

Do you find it difficult to live up to a reality TV persona?

I think that I find it very easy to be myself. Some people don't and they've maybe got above their stations since joining the show. It’s very important to keep yourself grounded because you don’t know what could get taken away. It’s about morals.

TOWIE airs Sundays at 9pm on ITVBe and ITVX


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