The Sussexes hired a new nanny for baby Archie: ‘The new nanny is a godsend’

The Sussexes hired a new nanny for baby Archie: ‘The new nanny is a godsend’

Did I completely ignore the stories about “fired nannies” in the Sussex household? I’m looking through our archives and I can’t find anything, and I have no memory of the “fired nanny” narrative. I want to say that I probably ignored it because the British press continues to be trash, but it’s also possible that I did make some kind of reference to a “fired nanny” and just forgot about it because I can’t keep up with the daily smears lodged against the Duchess of Sussex. I do remember that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex quietly hired a “night nanny,” which I just interpreted as a night nurse, as someone who will be with Baby Archie for two months or so. There was apparently another nanny who got fired after a few weeks for “unprofessional” behavior. And so now the Sussexes have a new nanny, and the nanny was on holiday with them in France:

Meghan and Harry have hired another nanny for baby Archie — their third since he was born three months ago. The new worker, described by Meghan, 38, as a “godsend”, accompanied the family on their two private jet holidays this month. She was seen boarding one of the gas-guzzling planes in Nice, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their tot had been staying at Elton John’s £15million pad.

A source said: “Meghan is a very hands-on mum but the new nanny is a godsend. She is extremely professional, with a number of nannying years under her belt, and has fitted into the family really well. She’s great with little Archie and just adores him. Harry and Meghan are very happy with her.”

The couple’s first nanny was sacked for being “unprofessional” while the second was nights only. The third, who is not live-in, will join the Sussexes for their royal tour next month. Mum and baby and nanny are staying in South Africa while Harry, 34, will also visit Botswana, Angola and Malawi. Their new staff member is the latest addition to Team Meghan, after the couple also hired a housekeeper to look after them at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

[From The Sun]

One, the Sun (and other British papers) are doing the most to talk about the Sussexes’ staffing like… the Cambridges didn’t have the exact same arrangement. There was always talk about how the Cambridges got by with minimal staff, especially in the early days of their marriage, but we learned later that they had a housekeeper/cook who came in every day when they lived in Wales. The Cambridges also had William’s old nanny looking after George, and then they hired Nanny Maria when George was a few months old.

As for this new Sussex nanny… the Sun has some blurry photos. She’s a woman of color. I honestly have a pit in the bottom of my stomach because I know we’re about to get days and weeks full of reporting and editorializing about why Meghan is awful/unroyal/breaking protocol for hiring a black woman as a nanny.

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