‘The pang when they’ve gone’ Monty Don opens up on ‘real grief’ over change in garden

‘The pang when they’ve gone’ Monty Don opens up on ‘real grief’ over change in garden

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Monty Don has shared some insight into how he deals with changes in his beloved garden. The BBC presenter admitted he feels “real grief” in a candid podcast chat recently with Tim Samuels.

Monty was opening up about how the seasons changed his work in the garden.

The gardening presenter admitted how he struggles in the winter months and longs for the start of spring.

He recalled how he feels the first sign of it is when he sees a swallow in his garden.

Monty admitted on the Brilliant Brains podcast yesterday how this feels like the world has “come home.”

However, he said: “Coupled with that, at this time of year, is the pang when they’re gone.

“They gather, and invariably the swallows tend to go all together.

“And they’re there, evident, and they fill my sky and are a part of my life.

“Then I go outside one morning and they’re gone, and it’s empty.”

Monty went on to add how difficult he finds it when this happens.

He added: “And that’s a real grief, but it’s part of the rhythm of the seasons.”

Earlier today Monty also shared a look at how his garden changes in different seasons.

He posted two shots on Instagram demonstrating this to his 963,000 followers.

One showed his walkway covered in blossoming flowers, almost taking over the path.

The second then showed all of the trees without leaves and the ground covered in frost.

Alongside this, he penned: “Then (4 months ago) and now (4 minutes ago).”

Many of Monty’s followers were left shocked by the transformation as they replied to the post.

Feeneyfletch penned: “Wow! What a difference! Looking forward to Spring now!”

Misskateboucher added: “Oh my goodness, what a transformation.”

Gill.wahlers admitted: “Much prefer the before version but then I don’t like much about winter!”

“How utterly depressing, time for spring,” commented Nancyvanrijn.

You can listen to Monty’s full podcast in full here.

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