Succession fans go wild after Brian Cox's real wife makes a cameo

Succession fans go wild after Brian Cox's real wife makes a cameo

Succession fans go wild after Brian Cox’s real wife Nicole Ansari-Cox makes a surprise cameo at Logan Roy’s funeral – did YOU spot it?

Succession fans have descended into a frenzy after learning that Sunday’s blockbuster funeral episode featured a surprise cameo.

The penultimate episode of the HBO series saw Logan Roy’s family come together to attend his funeral following his death six episodes earlier.

Among those in attendance were many of Logan’s former mistresses, also sat in a row ready to pay their respects.

Fans were quick to notice that one of the mistresses was being played by star Brian Cox’s real wife Nicole Ansari-Cox.

In the episode, Nicole took on the role of Sally-Ann, who was introduced by Lady Caroline (Harriet Walter).

Look who it is! Succession fans have descended into a frenzy after learning that Sunday’s episode featured a surprise cameo from Brian Cox’s real wife as one of Logan Roy’s mistresses

Did you spot it? The actor has been married to his wife Nicole Ansari-Cox since 2002

The apt cameo of Brian’s real-life spouse as one of his many exes sent fans into a renzy, with many flooding social media with their reactions.

One tweeted: ‘OMG so Sally-Anne *is* Brian Cox’s real wife!’ while another added: ‘The fact they snuck Brian Cox’ real life wife into #Succession as one of his side pieces is brilliant.’

One added: ‘I am actually obsessed that they got Nicole Ansari (Brian Cox’s wife) to play Sally-Anne.’ 

‘Brian Cox’s real life wife playing Sally-Anne had me screaming,’ one fan added.

In the penultimate episode of Succession, Season Four Episode Nine saw the stars of the show convene for Logan’s funeral.

Sunday’s much-anticipated series finale will finally bring an answer to the burning question: Who will land Logan’s vast fortune?

Earlier this year, Brian revealed he and wife Nicole renewed their wedding vows in a surprise Vegas ceremony.

Speaking on Live With Kelly and Ryan, the actor revealed: ‘We’d actually been apart for a while — she’d been traveling — and then we sat down and we said, ‘Where do we go from here? Do we finish or do we go on? And we thought, ”Well let’s go on and get married”.’

Across social media, users lauded James Cromwell’s magnificent performance as Ewan, and the cold, hard truths he laid out in his eulogy to Logan.

‘That speech Ewan gave at Logan’s funeral,’ one user said. ‘Chills. James Cromwell is a master at his craft. The fact that he did that performance while going through long-COVID is extraordinary. Wonderfully written by Jesse Armstrong.’

Another used said, ‘The Roy sibs aside, let no one neglect the magnificent one-speech performance of James Cromwell as Logan’s brother killing him a second time in his funeral speech,’ adding that ‘the writing also was mind-wrecking.’

One user said that Ewan’s speech was ‘one of the BEST scenes in all of Succession,’ while another said that Cromwell ‘DOMINATED that scene, and it was clear that everyone (especially the kids) got to know more about Logan in death than they ever did in life.’

Said one user: ‘Logan’s brother, Ewan (played by James Cromwell) humanized Logan, telling of the abuse he suffered as a child. But he did not excuse his behavior as an adult. He gave the full measure of the man.’

Succession’s final episode will air on HBO on Sunday. It will air on Sky Atlantic in the UK on Monday. 

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