Stars react to the Georgia U.S. Senate race results

Stars react to the Georgia U.S. Senate race results

In the wake of Georgia’s Jan. 5, 2021, runoff election for its two U.S. Senate seats, Hollywood stars and other celebrities took to social media to react as votes came in — and as it looked more and more likely that the Rev. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, had bested incumbent Kelly Loeffler, a Republican, to become the state’s first-ever Black senator… and that Democrat Jon Ossoff was leading in his race against Republican incumbent David Perdue. See what they had to say, starting with this movie star… “Sometimes things don’t want to stay the same. My hope is the Dems and Republicans can use all that s*** energy towards each other and focus on weeding out all the extremists. Start to build the country back up. The people have spoken.” –Josh Brolin

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“In one term Trump has taken the GOP from having the presidency, the house, and the Senate to losing all three.” –Jon Cryer

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“Georgia will be sending a Black Man and a Jew to the US Senate. Democracy posts a big win. … John Lewis is smiling down on US.” –Rob Reiner

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“This is when the left gets scared and starts to cheat … So when do the cameras go off again? Is that before or after the pipe burst I forget” –Kevin Sorbo

“Senator Elect Reverend Raphael Warnock.” –Alyssa Milano

“John Lewis and RBG are up there very proud of what GA did.” –George Takei

“Wow! Congratulations! The first Black senator in the state of Georgia, Rev. Raphael Warnock!” –Michelle Williams

“Aww. A nice Jewish boy. Well done. – RBG” –Ken Olin

“What this woman has done for her country must never be forgotten.” –Dan Levy, tweeting about Stacey Abrams, the Georgia voting rights activist and former minority leader in Georgia’s House of Representatives who mobilized voters in this election

‘It makes me sick to my stomach that our tax dollars pay the salaries of these cheaters!!! Dems cheat,steal and lie!” –Kristy Swanson

[email protected] what do you know about vaccine distribution” –Trevor Noah and “The Daily Show”

“Thank you isn’t enough but THANK YOU @staceyabrams @fairfightaction @NewGAProject @nseufot @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat and every person on the ground in GA who made this happen. Forever in your debt. … Overall, a terrible night for Kirk Cameron.” –Billy Eichner

“if its actually true and we taken both seats in Georgia …we may see some real change soon …McConnell was the key log in the jam” –David Crosby

“Thank you @staceyabrams! @BlackVotersMtr @fairfightaction @MeidasTouch @marceelias @ProjectLincoln and all of the volunteers who worked so hard on this Georgia election! … Ted Cruz is going to wake up knowing Republicans lost majority and Chairmanships of Committees! … And especially Thank you to all the black voters who made this win possible.” –Patricia Arquette

“Three biggest mistakes the @GOP made in the #GeorgiaSpecialElection: 1. Loeffler’s cynical, racist campaign 2. Purdue’s cowardly refusal to engage 3. McConnell not inflating his neck-pouch large enough to scare off more Democratic voters” –Patton Oswalt

“The misogynist, racist President and his cowardly accomplices in Georgia were beaten in no small part because of Stacey Abrams’ and others’, voter registration efforts. And now, a Black man from Martin Luther King’s & John Lewis’ Church is heading to the Senate. Karma is a b****.” –Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

“Wowza. #Georgia” –Piers Morgan

“Gratitude to all the activists the organizers and volunteers who’ve worked so hard to help make history tonight God Bless America and Stacey Abrams now the real work begins. ” –Rosanna Arquette

“God bless @staceyabrams and every person and organization that worked the ground game in Georgia. And thank you Georgia!” –Jason Alexander

“YES LORD!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! THANK YOU @STACEYABRAMS , YOU ARE A FORCE!!! THANK YOU @fairfightaction and @faircount!!! THANK YOU GEORGIA!!!” –Naomi Campbell

“My dear @ossoff I couldn’t be happier and more proud. Thank you for creating a world in which every Jewish mother, including my own, now turns to their son/daughter and says, ‘why can’t you be more like Jon Ossoff?'” –Josh Gad


“Whatever the final outcome, thank you to the courageous Democratic voters of Georgia.” –Alec Baldwin

“Congratulations to the new senators from Georgia, and to everyone who organized and voted to get them there. It’s a new day.” –Hillary Clinton

“Stacey Abrams should be Time’s Person of the Year!” –Richard Schiff

“*@staceyabrams I’m going to give you thee BIGGEST hug when we meet (and when it’s safe). You are an anomaly. You are amazing. May God continue to bless you and all that you do. Wow.” –Tichina Arnold

“Thank you Georgia. Thank you Black voters. Thank you Latino voters. Thank you AAPI voters. When we vote, we win.” –Debra Messing

“GEORGIA PEACHES SAID PACK YOUR BOXES LOSING PIGGIES @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence @KLoeffler @sendavidperdue @senatemajldr (minority puffy neck)” –Michael Rapaport

“#Abrams4AG” –Greg Grunberg

“What Stacey Abrams has done is inestimable and patriotic and heroic! ‘Like an old sweet song….'” –Michael Keaton

“The turnout we’re seeing tonight is all thanks to: @staceyabrams @NewGAProject @fairfightaction @BlackVotersMtr @votolatino and community activists who’ve been working on the ground for YEARS, not just during election season.” –Padma Lakshmi

“Proud to show you WTF WE DO Our culture RUNS this s*** So Respec-IT…YKWT*GO GA… #FlipThatHOuse #GARunnoff” –T.I.

“We all must thank @staceyabrams & her team at @fairfightaction & all the other tireless, incredibly effective activists who’ve turned the tide in Georgia over these past couple of years. The future isn’t given to us; it must be earned. And they’ve earned the hell out of it.” –Anthony Rapp

[email protected] is a real superhero. Once again saving us all.” –Mark Ruffalo

“Thank you @staceyabrams – you are a beacon of hope for what can be done in this great country!” –Andy Cohen

“Laying here with my tiny daughter watching the results of so many peoples blood, sweat and tears in Georgia and feeling so grateful. Thank you to every organizer, volunteer, fundraiser and voter who worked so hard. We’re not there yet but close.” –Patrick J. Adams

“This is a good day for people who don’t dig evil.” –Ben Lee

“It’s time for a new statues in the state of Georgia. start with Stacey Abrams, Latosha Brown, a little splash of white male decency, Raffensberger, and all of Georgia’s voting heroes. This is a beautiful day in the history of America and just what we needed to come out of 2020.” –Chelsea Handler

“Congrats to the Reverend! You rock dude! Georgia you rock but I’ve known that for 30 years! Right on” –Sebastian Bach

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