Sharon Osbourne reacts to s**t storm after Meghan row

Sharon Osbourne reacts to s**t storm after Meghan row

Sharon Osbourne calls Harry and Meghan 'totally lost'

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Sharon Osbourne spoke out about the aftermath of the media frenzy after she publicly supported friend and journalist Piers Morgan in the wake of his comments directed toward Meghan Markle on Good Morning Britain. The Duke and Duchess of Duchess Sussex sat down with Oprah Winfrey last year and opened up about their life in the royal family.

Piers, 57, had received widespread backlash in the days after “Oprah with Meghan and Harry” aired for saying that he didn’t “believe a word that comes out of” Meghan’s mouth, after she claimed during the sit down, that, among other things, palace insiders had discussed the skin tone of her then unborn child.

In the March 10 episode of The Talk, Sharon was horrified after co-hosts Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth suggested that her defense of Piers may itself be racist.

The network later said that Sharon’s combative approach in the discussion “did not align with [its] values for a respectful workplace” and she resigned shortly afterwards.

Speaking about the incident on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast Just B, Sharon admitted she still has not healed from the fallout.

Bethenny said: “You had gone through a s*** storm. I saw it upset you.”

Sharon replied: “This is how I felt about it. CBS and a few women [on the show] who were not liking me, stabbed me in the back.

“Are they going to stop me doing something for me? Are they going to put a full stop on my career? No way.”

She continued: “I will not allow that to happen. So you just carry on. You think time will heal it all. It hasn’t.”

After she left the show following her comments defending friend Piers Morgan, her journey will be chronicled in the new show, Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back.

Following her exit, she now fronts her own show in the UK called The Talk.

She and her husband Ozzy Osbourne sat down with Good Morning America, discussing their potential move back to the UK and the latter’s health troubles.

She also addressed her exit from the CBS network.


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After being asked what her thoughts were when she looked back on the incident, Sharon said: “An education. And no regrets. No more saying sorry, cause I’m not. Because I didn’t do anything wrong except ask questions.”

“The four-part program will feature a candid and heartfelt look into Osbourne’s personal and professional life, highlighting how she found herself in the crosshairs of the cancel culture movement after exiting CBS’s The Talk,” the press statement read at the time of the announcement.

Elsewhere, Sharon reported for Fox News on the Queen’s state funeral which was held on September 19, where a reported 10 million viewers tuned into the show in the US alone.

The Osbournes matriarch, who was in England for the country’s historic event, admitted she was overwhelmed with emotion on the “sad” day.

“I felt really, really sad for Harry when he came back,” she admitted. “And I felt sad, sad for the country because it’s — it’s where he belongs. To see him walking with his father and his brother, I just felt very, very sad.”

The TalkTV presenter has since shared she hoped the facetime between the royals – most notably Harry and William, will see a reconciliation.

“I think it would be amazing,” she told Yahoo! Entertainment.

“I think it would be amazing for him and his father and brother. They’re family. They need to be together.”

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