Self Esteem just shut down body-shamers in the best possible way

Self Esteem just shut down body-shamers in the best possible way

The singer responded to body shaming comments made after her performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Self Esteem has responded to body shaming comments she saw online after making her US TV debut.

The singer-songwriter (real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor) made her US TV debut on The Late Late Show With James Corden on 9 January, where she performed I Do This All The Time from her second album, Prioritise Pleasure.

After the performance aired, the artist took to Twitter to address some of the negative comments she’d seen regarding her body.

“American people are calling me fat on the internet,” she tweeted. “Which is whatever but I really do feel like it’s a time warp here in terms of cultural societal expectations of femininity. I’ve struggled with disordered eating my whole life and I cba to feel shite anymore about a body that is currently working perfectly well.

“I am no less talented or excellent because I’m heavier than a Hadid etc,” she continued. “I may gain or lose weight but jfc I dream of a day where it isn’t a talking point.”

The singer added that while it’s not hard to get “really thin” it makes life “a lot less lovely”.

“My inner wiring certainly sees my reflection as something that needs ‘sorting’ but then I remember the lovely vs less lovely toss-up and get on with my day.”

Many took to the comments to offer words of support to the singer, with one tweeting: “You are so loved and cherished just the way you are you utterly wonderful human. Fuck that noise, I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with that utter shit.”

Another commented: “I relate to your experiences with EDs and I’ve had body dysmorphia my whole life. We share I think a similar body shape and all I see when I see you is how powerful and magical you are. You give me strength to find my power, regardless of my shape. Can’t thank you enough for that.”

During a previous conversation with Stylist, Self Esteem opened up about her own confidence and the peaks and troughs that come with it.

“I’ve had a bad few months, my self-esteem ain’t all that at the minute,” she told the crowd. “But I think that’s part of the journey, and the reality is, sometimes I feel invincible and sometimes I don’t. But you don’t owe yourself a fully-formed, consistent version of yourself.”

She continued: “However, I think my base level is pretty high. Mainly because I can’t be arsed – I’ve lost 36 years of being like, ‘Sorry, thank you, please like me,’ – different things like that. My self-esteem is born out of this lethargy to feel shame.” 

If there’s one thing we love about Self Esteem, it’s her unapologetic, confident ways that emanate from her music right down to her presence IRL – and calling out the antiquated and dangerous comments regarding women’s bodies is a reminder of that.

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