Sarah Jayne Dunn says shes taking back control with OnlyFans account

Sarah Jayne Dunn says shes taking back control with OnlyFans account

Sarah Jayne Dunn has taken to social media to share two images of herself taken at different stages of her life.

The actress, 40, received plenty of support from her Instagram followers after she explained the contrasts between a photo taken now and back when she was starring in hit show Hollyoaks.

Last year, Sarah was sacked from the soap after more than 25 years since her first appearance in 1996. This was due to her posting photos on the website OnlyFans.

The model took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in a similar pose to one she took part in a few years agom wearing her underwear.

Sarah captioned the older photo: "Arranged by someone else for a National publication, style of shoot decided by someone else, any editing/photoshop done without my approval, copyright of image (of me) owned by someone else."

She continued: "Exclusive interview as agreement of shoot, no financial benefit to myself (but usually a payment is made in this type of agreement). The control, power and decisions in someone else’s hands."

The former soap star sough to highlight the freedoms she now feels she has, since leaving the long running Channel 4 show.

The star wrote of the recent photo: "Taken by me for my OnlyFans platform, choice of image decided by me, zero editing or photoshop, copyright of image owned by me, despite no interview necessary for this particular shot when I do interviews now it’s because I want to, financial gains controlled by me and go to me."

Sarah emphatically added: "The control, power and decisions made by me."

Fans in agreement heaped praise on the actress. Presenter Jess Davies wrote: "They all love to look at, pay for it make money from a woman’s body until she’s in control, then it’s name calling time. You do you."

Actress Victoria Ekanoye powerfully commented: "THIS! Take it baby, all the way to the bank PS. You look even more fiya than you did back then. Enjoy."

Another user summarised: "Interesting how people are happy with the content when they’re the ones making money from your images but aren’t quite so happy when their cuts taken away. Good for you saying enough is enough and taking back control."

Although she has clearly moved on now, at the time, Sarah was disappointed with the decision to end her time playing Mandy Richardson.

A spokesperson from Lime Pictures, the production company for the show, shared a statement with OK!, It read: "Hollyoaks is a youth-facing drama with many young viewers, who follow our cast very closely, both in the soap and outside of it.

Their statement continued: "We take our responsibility to our young audience very seriously and therefore the show does not allow any Hollyoaks cast members to be active on certain 18+ websites.

They concluded: "We had hoped we could reach a resolution with Sarah that would allow her to remain in her role as Mandy, but we respect her choice to continue to produce content on OnlyFans."

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