Sam Faiers’ best friend Luisa Zissman brands Ferne McCann ‘malicious’ and ‘evil’

Sam Faiers’ best friend Luisa Zissman brands Ferne McCann ‘malicious’ and ‘evil’

Sam Faiers ’ best friend Luisa Zissman has branded Ferne McCann as “malicious” and “evil” amid the voice note drama.

In leaked recordings shared by an anonymous Instagram account, a woman alleged to be Ferne, 32, could be heard apparently referring to her former friend Sam, 31, as a “fat c***” and “narcissistic b***h”.

And now, Sam’s pal Luisa has weighed in on the drama, referring to Ferne as a “frenemy”.

Speaking on LuAnna: The Podcast alongside Anna Williamson, the 35 year old said: “It’s not a spat. It’s an unprovoked, malicious, f***ing nasty attack on an innocent person. She’s meant to be her mate.

“Ferne McCann has basically been slagging off Sam Faiers and even worse than Sam, Billie, who is meant to be a very good friend of hers. Literally meant to be her best friend, has been slagging her off. Ferne has known the Faiers family for 20 years, the girls went to school together.”

Luisa continued: “My mum used to say to me when I was younger, and this applies to Sam Faiers, ‘You’re beautiful, successful, you’re a lovely person, you’ve got a lovely personality, and people will be jealous of you and they will be nasty to you.’

"And I think that is exactly the case here. It’s pure evil jealousy. It’s unprovoked, it’s f***ing malicious and it’s just not very nice.”

She added that she’s spoken to Sam, saying: “I’m not going to divulge our private discussions but yeah. I don’t know how much she gives a sh** really, to be honest.

"You know who your friends are in life. And as you get older your circle gets smaller. You really do learn who your friends are.”

Ferne has not publicly responded to the voice notes, while Sam’s family have quickly closed ranks in support – with her mum Suzie Wells describing them as “vile”.

Ferne has reportedly had her "life turned upside down", and has allegedly called in the police, who are "tracking the parties responsible".

A source told The Sun: "Ferne was visited by the police on Thursday night after having her life turned upside down by a fake account that has launched a malicious smear campaign against her.

"Officers spent a few hours with her and gave reassurances that they are prioritising this case, tracking the parties responsible.

"Having taken statements, the police are currently in the process of tracking the fake account’s whereabouts. The Online Safety Bill was discussed as they clamp down on cyber crime."

In a statement released to OK! on Sunday morning, Essex Police said: "We are investigating a report of malicious communication which was made to us in Brentwood on Thursday 29 September.

"We have spoken to the victim, a woman aged in her 30s, and our enquiries are ongoing."


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