Salute her! Ulrika Jonsson, 54, throws support behind Jennifer Lopez for naked billboard

Salute her! Ulrika Jonsson, 54, throws support behind Jennifer Lopez for naked billboard

Jennifer Lopez performs at Global Citizen's Vax Live

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Ulrika Jonsson, 54, is known for posting revealing snaps on her social media sites and has been the first to support Hollywood’s Jennifer Lopez, 53, on her Los Angeles billboard campaign. The hit singer stripped totally naked to promote her new booty balm, with many supporting the singer including Ulrika who “salutes” her.

Women are ageing better!

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika remarked: “There’s no denying it: The older sisters are most definitely doing it for themselves.

“The 60ft billboard in Los Angeles of an exquisite J-Lo exhibiting her naked body in a recent marketing campaign, shows how, at 53, the woman looks, well, s*** hot.

“What started as a trickle of older women publicly showing off their bare bodies has now become a steady stream and I, for one, am all for it.

“I feel so encouraged by all this exhibition because it indicates not only changing times but, more crucially, a reluctance by and absolute blind defiance by ageing women to go quietly into old age”, she wrote in her most recent column in The Sun.

The television personality continued to explain why she praises the “older body” and why this new movement “is because women are aging better”.

She proudly admitted her “body is saggy in places it never used to be” but that it had given her four children.

Jennifer stripped naked while promoting her pricey “booty balm” for her company JLO Beauty.

The star showed off her incredible physique as she posed in the stunning snaps, even plastered on a 60ft billboard in Los Angeles.

Jen looked incredible in the snaps, which were released alongside a video of the star in a black cutout swimsuit.

The product description reads on the site: “A clinically tested, high-performance formula inspired by the most iconic booty that visibly firms and hydrates skin and fades the appearance of stretch marks for a smoother, more refined-looking booty.”

It starts at £54 and is expected to be a massive hit.

This is not the first time Ulrika has shown her support for the naked body, and she also gave her opinion on actress Florence Pugh’s Rome outfit.

Florence sparked a wave of controversy when she wore a breast-baring dress at the Valentino Haute Couture.

Ulrika slammed social media users sharing that the “inequality is there for all to see” as she backed the young actress’ outfit choice.

Florence was hit with comments calling her “flat-chested” and mocking her “tiny t*ts”.

Ulrika wrote: “Strange, really, when you think these men presumably have two of their own adorning their cowardly, pathetic chests.

“And to think this is 2022. Quite what the issue with breasts is I’ll never know. We all have them.

“And Florence looked the epitome of beauty, class and purity, showing and owning what is biologically and physiologically hers”, she said in her Sun column.

Florence even took to Instagram to defend herself against “vulgar” body shamers, explaining the “aggressive” comments she had received.

She was told she “should be embarrassed by being so flat-chested”.

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