RuPauls DragRace UK fans go wild for queens iconic impression of Nigella Lawson

RuPauls DragRace UK fans go wild for queens iconic impression of Nigella Lawson

RuPaul's DragRace UK fans were in awe of an ‘iconic’ Nigella Lawson impression on this week's episode.

Queen Ella Vaday transformed into the chef for the show’s Snatch Game, which sees the contestants battle it out with their very best celebrity impressions.

The queens were joined this week by guest judges Nadine Cole and Judi Love, who were unable to contain their laughter as the remaining competitors transformed themselves into a range of stars.

Ella’s initial plan had been to participate in Snatch Game as Mystic Meg, but she changed her mind after performing a Nigella impression to RuPaul in the Werk Room, deciding to make the TV cook the subject of her impression – much to the fans delight.

One fan tweeted: “@EllaVaday as @Nigella_Lawson was EVERYTHING!! Has to be up there with my most favourite Snatch Game performances!!!”

Another agreed, saying: “Ella Vaday as Nigella was one of the best snatch game performances ever”.

Others expressed their hope that the TV chef herself would comment on the impression.

One person wrote: “It's been 16 hours and we have yet to get a sign – a flag raised above Lawson Palace, a tweet, something – that @Nigella_Lawson has seen @EllaVaday's Snatch Game on #DragRaceUK. Show us you care ma'am!”

Someone else was in agreement, saying: “I HAVE to know what @Nigella_Lawson thinks of @EllaVaday’s Nigella for snatch game”.

Although Nigella herself may not have commented on the impression yet, after the performance, Ella Vaday tweeted: “MEE-CRO WAH-VEY. Love love loved snatch game! Was dreading it but loved every minute of embodying this National Treasure @Nigella_Lawson”.

Other entertainment icons featured in this week’s show including Kitty Scott-Kalus as Gemma Collins, Scarlett Harlett as Home-Alone era Macaulay Culkin and Krystal Versace as Charity Shop Sue.

Meanwhile, Choriza May played Cuban singer Margarita Pracatan, while Vanity Milan chose comedian Jocelyn Jee Esien and River Medway made an impression as Towie star as Amy Childs.

Following the show's legendary Snatch Game, the queens faced a shocking double elimination which saw queens River Medway and Choriza May leave the show after failing to impress the judges.

After the elimination, Choriza said: "It was certainly very sad but my main goal was to represent Newcastle and Spanish drag – and to do it well. I think I accomplished that, so I left in peace."

River said she was "devastated" after leaving, adding: "Everyone wants to make it all the way, but I'm really happy with everything I've done on the show.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK series 3 airs new episodes each Thursday via BBC Three.

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